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Thursday, April 05, 2012 

'Where's The Eject Button"?

Cartoon by kind permission of
Graeme MacKay
at mackaycartoons.net

Who would have thought that a majority government would be a Venus Flytrap for the Conservatives?

The phrase,"now, how do we get out of this", is becoming frequently heard on the Hill.

When do we start a countdown clock?

Hey Dog. Off-topic. What is your take on this ProgBlog ruckus. Dammit Janet - gone. Galloping Beaver - gone. A number of others, gone.

I've been troubled by it but on the fence - until this morning when I read Kinsella's smear of Fern Hill. I found it nauseating and it made me question whether I should be associated with an aggregator that tolerates that sort of abuse.

Any thoughts?

Despite this, the saddest part is that we are not just an independent country, but that we have a system of government called the monarchy, which does not represent but rules us.

The monarchists are filthy scummy liars in being that their mantra, that non-partisanship is good thus we shouldn't have an elected head of state, is not only wrong but dangerous, considering how the old whore said absolutely nothing about Harper's abuses of power since, after all, he's sucking up to her, like any nobleman would, whether they be elected or not.

Mound ... I've been contemplating a post on the issue ... still monitoring the issue. As a male, I prefer to hear the opinion of women rather than those of men on the topic. I am using the old wisdom that since I have two ears but only one mouth ... I should listen twice as much as I speak on the matter. :)

I hear you, LD. At times I think I'm just getting too old for this bullshit. Fern did go well past where she needed to go to raise a really effective dissent to PG and, in the process, gave them some reasonable grounds for pushback.

I too kept my distance until I read Kinsella's smear job today and, for me, it was stomach churning. It really made (and makes) me question whether I should be associated with a bunch that tolerates this sort of abuse.

I'm a geezer myself and I'm leery about old duffers like this jerk who seem to live for stroke jobs from the kids. The guy just creeps me out. He's no Hunter Thompson, he's no Bill Murray. He was part of a team that saw Iggy take the Libs from Stornoway to Motel 6.

I know this. ProgBlogs minus DAMMIT JANET, The Galloping Beaver, Let Freedom Rain et al but with Kinsella is in a serious deficit. That's a huge net loss.

We often disagreed but I always thought ProgBlog had something collegiate to offer.

I've been with ProgBlogs for years. By a rough tally that translates into about 7,000 posts. I did it because it was fun and I found it worthwhile. I'm just not sure it's worthwhile any longer.

And even if he wasn't sucking up to her, the Old Whore would still do nothing. And even if she did, what right did would she have to meddle in the affairs of a foreign country that didn't even elect her nor can elect her because, well, it's fucking monarchy?

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