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Friday, September 14, 2012 

Candidate For Sask NDP Leadership Calls For End To Corporate And Union Contributions In The Province

 "I believe that corporate donations likely affect government policy-making and certainly raise the question of whether politicians are responding to citizens or their corporate funders."
Erin Weir, Economist
Candidate for Leadership - Saskatchewan New Democrats

NDP leadership candidate Erin Weir is calling for a ban on corporate and union financial contributions to Saskatchewan political parties.  “We need to free Saskatchewan politics from big money and the influence that goes with it,” said Weir. “Our democracy should represent citizens rather than corporate interests.”

Last year, corporations gave the Sask. Party more than $3 million, a majority of the governing party’s funding. Corporations and unions together gave almost $1 million to the provincial NDP. (Source: Elections Saskatchewan)

Weir has long advocated getting big money out of politics. Saskatchewan newspapers quoted him speaking for a resolution at the 1998 provincial NDP convention to prohibit donations from big business. (Source: StarPhoenix, Nov. 16, 1998, page A5) “Since then, New Democrat governments in Manitoba and Nova Scotia have banned corporate and union donations,” noted Weir. “The federal and Quebec governments have also rightly done so.”

Taking Big Money Out of Politics - Weir Campaign


Erin Weir, a candidate for the leadership of the Saskatchewan NDP, is calling for a ban on political donations by corporations and unions.

According to Weir, his party received nearly $1 million, in 2011, from organized labour while the Saskatchewan Party collected around $3 million in donations from the business sector.

Weir said he believes it is inappropriate for corporations to provide financial support to politicians who oversee the industry.

"Oil and potash companies ... profit from exploiting resources ... that belong to the people of the province and [are] managed by the provincial government," Weir said. "So, I do see some conflict of interest in those donations."

Weir added that he felt it would be better for the democratic process.
CBC Saskatchewan 

-Regina Leader-Post has more .....

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