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Friday, September 07, 2012 

Desperate Ontario Liberals Deploy Justin Trudeau To Deliver National Unity-Themed Anti-NDP Pitch In Kitchener-Waterloo By-Election

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I thought that Justin Trudeau had more class than to be used by Ontario Libs to fib to the voters of Kitchener-Waterloo yesterday ... 

"With MPs set to return to the Commons in two weeks, it looks like the Liberal Party has begun beta testing what is expected to be the main line of attack against their opposition rival New Democrats this fall.

Just hours before the polls were set to close in Kitchener-Waterloo, embattled provincial Liberals launched a last-ditch effort to turn an Ontario by-election into, of all things, a referendum on the federal NDP's position on Quebec succession -- with more than a little help from Liberal MP Justin Trudeau, who took time away from his busy schedule of playing coy on future leadership ambitions to hit the telephonic hustings, robocall-style:"

Kady O'Malley 

You start to realize that some Libs are beginning to sound like Serbian Nationalists when they let it be known that they will not respect democracy. There is NO referendum scheduled in Quebec .. with a minority administration it is highly unlikely that there will be a referendum in Quebec. Bloody Liberals!! :(

As much as the Ontario Liberals need Justin Trudeau, Justin Trudeau needs help from the Ontario Liberals if he wants to run an effective leadership campaign. He will get unofficial support from the McGuinty team by helping McGuinty in Kitchener-Waterloo. Unfortunately for the Ontario Liberals, Trudeau's effort did not work. However, Trudeau will gain support from some Ontario Liberals in the federal leadership campaign.

There is so much in this that I find disturbing. I don't often agree with Stephen Maher but his quote here is bang on ... "I’d like to know if he (Justin) would say what he said in English in Kitchener to a French audience in Montreal.'

The other thing is this ... why won't the Liberals define what they mean by 'clear majority' as it relates to Quebec? I know why. It's simple:
-Some Libs think that democracy means a majority .. basic majority is 51%
-Some Libs think a clear majority for Quebec should be 66.6 - a 2/3 majority
-Some Libs will NEVER agree to Quebec separating EVEN IF 99% voted to go .. I call these folks 'Serbian Nationalist' Libs because they would use military force to prevent Quebec from leaving.

Any attempt by the Libs to define 'clear majority' would fracture an already sick and wounded LPC.

Any Party like the Cons and the Libs who can operate for 150 years with undemocratic institutions like the Senate .. have no real respect for democracy.

New Democrats threaten the LPC to it's very core.

I like the NDP's position on Quebec separation. It is not so much about the percentage needed in order for an NDP government to recognize a separation as it is about respecting Quebeckers for who they are. The Liberal's Clarity Act position is unclear about what is a clear majority. As you mentioned, Leftdog, is a clear majority 51, 66.6 or 99%? The Liberal position is that the Liberals do not trust Quebeckers at all.

In the next federal election, I don't think the NDP needs to focus on percentages for Quebec separation. The party should focus on making Canada great for Quebec and Quebeckers. If the NDP does get attacked by the Liberals for the Sherbrooke Declaration, the NDP could just state that we trust Quebeckers; the Liberals do not.

Well said! You've hit the nail on the head!

I didn't know about this leftdog as I was "pulling the vote" in KitWat last night, and than the "party" afterwards.

So I guess Trudeau had no problems with the new Ontario lib govt(parroting HarperCon) on basically "right to work" legislation ala "putting students first" act that would remove teachers right to bargain, strike or be locked out before anybody even started bargaining with their employers - school boards. But why would he give a rat's butt about "charter rights" because although he was a drama teacher, he only worked in a richy rich "private school" so all that union stuff is for the lower "class" types.

Anyway, the NDP won well and with "class" in comparison to the dirty campaign tricks and smears of the lib red team.

So "classy" orange won the day, and Trudeau just shows how desperate all liberals all, including him - most definitely not classy.

Congrats to Ontario New Dems! I'm still shaking my head. Is that 'all' that the Libs have left? I actually expected a lot better of Justin Trudeau. Just bringing a hypothetical 'nation unity' issue into an Ont by-election .. and 'robo-calls' as the medium for gawds sake. Desperate. Stupid. This will tail Trudeau.

It just shows that Mr. J. Trudeau lacks basic understanding of human rights principles - so does he support the Charter and human rights or not? Are they only applicable when convenient and only for some Canadians?

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