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Saturday, October 13, 2012 

How cute! Young Zach Thinks The LPC Will Actually Do Something About Cannabis Decrim ... Don't hold your breath !!

 "Another very important development emerged from the Party’s 2012 biennial convention this past January, however. Liberal delegates overwhelming approved a policy pushed by young Liberals in British Columbia advocating the legalization and regulation of cannabis. The fact that 77 percent of all delegates backed the resolution proves that the issue is relevant not only to young Canadians."
Zach Paikin

I vowed to myself, sometime back, that ANYTIME I see a member of the Liberal Party of Canada talk about or suggest the lessening of penalties for simple possession of cannabis, that I would contain my cynicism and frustration long enough to address the LPC's dismal record on the matter.

Liberal booster, Zach Paikin has decided to stick his big toe into the waters of debating cannabis decrim. Surely he knows the sorry and extremely dishonest political track record of the Liberals on this issue?

 While they were in power, Canada's former Liberal government introduced marijuana reform legislation a number of times ... and then let the Bills die on the order paper session after session, year after year.


Well because they were playing both sides of the political fence as Liberals frequently do! The Liberal Party of Canada NEVER had ANY intention of EVER reforming marijuana laws! Period!

Let me explain the REAL Liberal Party policy on cannabis law reform:  
-If you are in favor of marijuana law reform, the Liberals point to their numerous pieces of proposed legislation that would lessen sentences for simple possession. They sound progressive and sincere. 
-However, if you are not in favor of marijuana law reform, the Liberals give you a knowing 'wink' and reassure you that they had NO intention of ever actually passing the many decrim bills that they introduced.

For years, pot reform advocates let the Liberals off the hook, because, 'reform was on the horizon'! The Libs were going to show progressive action on the issue. Hmmm ...that's NOT what the record demonstrates.

Young Zach would be better off acknowledging the historical hypocrisy of the LPC ... and maybe make the moves necessary to join a real political party that understands the reality of this situation - that most Canadians believe the current penalties are excessive and that actual reform is needed.

(Photo courtesy The Hill Times / Jake Wright ...)

Leftdog, not sure if you meant to have links to the text underlined but if you did, there aren't any links.

Thanks Jan! Looks like it was just underlined for the sake of being underlined LOL .. no link.

In all honesty, I am using a desktop computer with a larger monitor and some magnification aides from the CNIB. My eye surgeries weren't able to bring sight back in my one eye and I am struggling with the other eye .. hence you will see a higher number of typos and misspellings here than I am happy with.

Oh well :) I plan to keep on here regardless!

Wait... are you saying that new, fresh, revised Liberal Party of Canada is as cynical, two-faced and dishonest as the old Liberal Party of Canada?

Colour me shocked.

(Still waiting for the other shoe to drop about Jesus Trudeau. I know people want to believe he's telling the truth, but it's patently obvious he isn't.)

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