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Monday, October 01, 2012 

Rob Anders Is Insane - Too Bad Harper Lacks The Leadership Ability To Do Something About Him

After all of the gaffes and idiocy that Rob Anders has committed .. you have to wonder what he holds over Stephen Harper that allows him to remain in the Conservative Caucus.

Harper will probably appoint him to the Senate in due course. 

... Oh and by the way .. if you too think that Mr. Anders is off his nutter ... go to Progressive Bloggers and fling this post a vote ... I want this post at the top of the sidebar folks!

Anders should be gone. And Stoffer should mind his language. It's difficult to teach my kids about our political system when you have brainless and ignorant comments thrown about by both government hacks and opposition hacks.

Stoffer called anders a 'dickhead' certainly not extremely profane language.

We should take every opportunity to remind people that the Conservatives of Calgary West tried to wrest the nomination away from this disgrace to Parliament. They were prevented to do so by the intervention of Stephen Harper.

Harper has protected Anders more than once. Either Anders has incriminating photographs, or Harper wants him around.

Rob Anders is an integral part of Harper's elected moral majority.. and he's incredibly reflective of the Alberta core of The Conservative Party and its coalition past. Harper did ensure his old friend was not turfed by the local Conservative riding, just as he intervenes regarding any of his self interests.

Anders nicely reflects the current government ethics & morality via outrageous comments, beliefs and House votes while Peter Kent, Joe Oliver, Tony Clement, Peter Mackay et al reflect the government with outrageous legislation, outright lies, secrecy, incompetence and obstruction.

Anders will never change.. he's like a junk yard dog.
But the entire Cabinet should be legally sacked as soon as possible.

This latest Anders nonsense is a useful red herring to distract from Harper and Baird and Kenney's intensely bizarre relationship with their whacko jewish crony Nathan Jacobson.. the fugitive. There's a scandal with legs... Baird and Kenney super silent on it.. while the PMO pumped out an astounding whopper. Who's kidding who ? The man was advising the PM regarding Tar Sands Infrastructure Security and Harper followed up with the legislation. Sniff for Anders somewhere in the dog pile !

Anders is also a timely distraction from how they are defying and obsstructing the Federal Courts on several files.. trying to avoid more exposure on electoral fraud and Mackay buying F-35's to create a 'visible presence' via military bases in Pan-Asian military theaters. (What !?)

This guy is coo coo for cocoa puffs. I think he only opens his mouth to change feet.
Harper must keep him around to take the heat off himself. Quick Rob say something stupid...

Either that or Malcolm+ is right there are pics in a vault somewhere.


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