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Tuesday, January 15, 2013 

Dear 'Idle No More' Supporters ... Did you vote in the last election? That's how we will get rid of Harper!

If you would like to see an end to the Harper administration, you need to vote and get other like minded people to vote. Elections Canada indicates that there was a much lower turnout of First Nations voters in the last Federal Election. Remember .. Conservatives get out and vote for Harper. Those of us who oppose Harper's policies MUST get out and vote against him!

There is a reason that Harper and his Conservatives are nervous about 'Idle No More'. There is a reason that Ezra Levant and Sun News Network are viciously attacking the movement. It's because they know that an organization that can mobilize the anti-Harper vote will bring the Conservatives down.

Fer gawds sake ...... VOTE!!!

The Globe & Mail

The Federal election was, dirtied, fouled, undemocratic and, not even valid. Harper is blocking the riding disputes. Harper is using every dirty tactic in the book, to quash his robo-call cheat investigation.

Elections can be cheated. Someone will have their work cut out persuading, the younger generation to vote. They hate the corruption and cheating in this country. So, they see no reason to get out to vote. They say once the politician gets into office, they all lie like hell anyway. Most of their reasons, are not printable.

When someone says .. "once the politician gets into office, they all lie like hell anyway" .. they have to be challenged! History and reality do not bear that our. My experience is that for those who do not follow the news, current events of politics, the only line they can use when the conversation comes up is something like what you wrote. This line generally used to cover up ignorance of what is happening in the nation as a whole.

Education must be one of the elements of the Idle no more movement. Ignorance will keep people in bondage. There are New Democrats and Greens who are very committed to Mother Earth. Anyone who says that 'all' politicans are like the Conservatives speak ignorance

The cynicism in Canada towards the government is so severe, it poses a clear and present danger to democracy itself.

Towards the government? I'm sorry. I meant towards politics in general in this country.

Before Asshat Harper stole the last election, he spent five years teaching the voting public to believe the myth that all political parties are corrupt -- "just look at the sponsorship scandal". If people had bothered to, they would have seen there's no comparison there at all, not to what he's been doing.

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