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Saturday, February 02, 2013 

Premier Brad Wall's MLAs Interfere With And Obstruct Saskatchewan's Provincial Auditor In The Performance Of Her Duties ...

"I just hope the discussion around here, and with all due respect, is not a message to me and to my staff that we should not be operating independently and performing the work we think is appropriate," 
Bonnie Lysyk 
Provincial Auditor
Province of Saskatchewan

"I just hope that in terms of looking at our financial plan . . . that this is not a message being put before me that we want you not to do performance work and we want you not to question the general revenue fund and summary financial reporting for the province," Lysyk told the committee, reiterating that Saskatchewan is the only province that communicates budget information based on general revenue fund data instead of financial summaries.

Trent Wotherspoon, the only NDP MLA on the committee, said he perceived "strong partisan intervention" with no clear questions for the auditor. At best, the Sask. Party committee members didn't understand their roles and were being actively "obstructionist," he said. "I found members ill-prepared for the meeting, disrespectful and damaging towards an institution and a relationship that we need to maintain here in Saskatchewan," he said.
Regina Leader-Post

Premier Brad Wall needs to come clean on why members of his government caucus threatened, intimidated and obstructed Saskatchewan's Provincial Auditor at a recent meeting of the province's Public Accounts Committee.

One of two things is happening here:
1) Wall's appointees to the Committee are acting like rank amateurs and are grossly unaware of their role AND the role of the province's auditor general (or)

2) Wall has strategically decided to have his MLA's reprimand and attempt to scare the Provincial Auditor from inspecting the books of the Provincial government AND for pointing out that Saskatchewan actually operates with two separate sets of 'books' to keep track of the provincial government's finances. 

Which one is it Premier?? 

-CBC Sask has more .... 
... so does the Official Opposition Caucus ...

Welcome to the real Canada. This country is a, Cesspool of corruption.

In BC, AG Doyle can't get the information he needs either. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, tried to fire Doyle, for doing his job

In Ottawa the Budget Officer, can't get the information he needs from Harper. Flaherty is using every dirty tactic in the book, to get rid of, Budget Officer Page.

Why should Saskatchewan, be privileged any more than the rest of the provinces and Ottawa?.

Canada has become, the laughing stock of the world. At every meeting of Nations, Harper always manages to, insult and anger every country attending. They can't stand Harper's bullying and, his hissy fits when he doesn't get his own way.

Corruption has filtered down into, every nook and cranny in this country. Canada is no different than, other dictatorship corrupt country's.

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