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Saturday, March 30, 2013 

The World Should Consider North Korea As Dangerous And Deranged, Now Threatening Others In The Global Community ...

I don't think it's wise to ignore the political lunacy spewing from North Korea this week. They are isolated and paranoid. Their rigid ideology leaves them reacting to everything  with confrontation and threats of violence. 

Like an armed crazy person making threats in a public place, North Korea should be considered as potentially dangerous to the world community. Personally, I think that North Korea could go over the edge with this nonsense. They would probably consider it courageous and glorious!

It's time for the People's Republic of China to instruct North Korea to tone it down and stand down. If North Korea won't, then China should turn off all the taps and force them into some sort of compromise.

Progressive Bloggers

 -"North Korea enters 'state of war' with South" -BBC.news

North Korea: 'outbreak of war hours away' as Kim Jong-un plans US strike

The North Koreans are paranoid. But, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you. The US threatens them constantly; it's kind of novel to see someone who actually threatens back.

Actually, PLG, it's the other way around. North Korea is the one that's making all the threats, especially during war games in the south. Last year, they bombed a base of the South Korean Marines.

North Korea blusters and threatens with words, but doesn't change the alert footing of their Military, while the US and South Korea engage in wargames involving F22 Raptors running at the Border and B52's mocking tactical nuclear strikes.

"during war games in the south"--which aren't, of course, remotely threatening.

Don't know if you noticed, but your claim about the South Korean marines doesn't support your contradiction of me. I didn't say North Korea doesn't make threats, or for that matter that North Korea doesn't do bad things.

I said that the US threatens them. You want to tell me NK makes all the threats? The US never made any threats against little ol' "axis of evil"? Shyeah right. Did you know the US used to fly B-52s, the nuclear armed kind, over NK airspace and drop fake bombs?

PLG, the bombers were in SK airspace, and during war games with SK. Stop making things up, you fearmongering liar. Are you trying to justify any armed action against the United States or SK? You do realize that by force, NK wants to reunify SK under a totalitarian Stalinist nightmare. And finally, yes, NK has been making all the threats. Out of the blue and during war games between SK and the US.

PLG, are you a NK sympathizer? I understand that you think war games with SK are threats, yes? That any war the US makes is wrong, whereas any war against the US is justifiable?

Well, you vile, vicious little would-be bully you. Go try to intimidate someone else with your crappy little straw-man smears.

So are you a vicious bully in real life or are you a gutless coward when you can't hide behind a keyboard?

A nerve has indeed been struck, but from your histrionic foaming it would appear to be yours rather than mine.

If you have that little shame, do carry on with such behaviour in public. But, I have things to do. All right if from here on in you just imagine I'm responding? After all, you've been responding to your imaginary version of what I said from the beginning, it shouldn't be a stretch.

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