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Monday, April 08, 2013 

New Democrats Serious About Electing Harry Borlase In Labrador …


LABRADOR - "On May 13 Labradorians will have the opportunity to tell the Stephen Harper Conservatives that it's time for a fresh start in Labrador. Conservatives will have to answer for short-sighted cuts to services and programs, along with a dismal record on accountability, as Labradorians have been asked to judge whether or not the Harper Conservatives are serving their best interests.

The latest budget is another reminder that the Conservatives have taken Labrador for granted. There is nothing in this budget to help improve the lives of seniors or Aboriginal youth, and it continues to plow ahead with EI changes that disproportionately impact seasonal industries. While claiming to be increasing infrastructure dollars, the Conservatives are actually reducing funding by $4.7 billion over the next four years.

While May 13 provides the opportunity for a fresh start, it is important to remember that this by-election was only necessary because the Conservatives failed to play by the rules in Labrador during the 2011 election. Instead of a costly by-election, these precious federal taxdollars could be going towards investments to strengthen our communities.

When the Conservatives formed government in 2006 on a platform of accountability they said they were an alternative to the scandal plagued Liberals. But we have only gotten more of the same thing with the Conservatives, scandal after scandal.

I believe Labradorians deserve an alternative to the tired, old style politics the Liberals and Conservatives have to offer. As the NDP candidate I am offering them that alternative: change you can trust.

I look forward to meeting with people across this beautiful land during the next few weeks. Labradorians will have an opportunity to send Ottawa a message, and I would be honoured to serve as their voice in the House of the Commons."


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