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Monday, July 08, 2013 

What do you call the resignation of Conservative Cabinet Minister Vic Toews? ......

A damn good beginning!

Progressive Bloggers  

This overly authoritarian Conservative thug came within a hairs breath of putting every Canadian who uses a computer under police surveillance. His resignation is welcome and is the beginning of the end for Stephen Harper's corrupt administration!

The Star


It would feel a whole lot better to defeat him, but this is pretty good news. I think, as the scandal mire gets deeper and deeper, more rats will desert the sinking ship.

Now if voters just pay attention and refrain from throwing out the black cats and electing the white cats, we mice may have a bright future, after all.

We finally, for the first time in our country's history, have a real opposition. Let's hope we are intelligent enough to give them the chance to govern.

BTW...got another black and white, taxpayer funded propaganda piece in the mail today from the Harper gang. Seem to be coming more often. 'Guess controlling the right-wing media isn't working anymore.

So long, Vic...next?

What do I call it? In a word, curious. Toews didn't leave office, he ejected. He resigned his cabinet post, left caucus, resigned his seat and cleared out in 48-hours? That sounds like undue haste to me, like somebody in a big rush to get out of Dodge.

Don't forget, Toews has been riding roughshod over the RCMP of late. He was behind Poulson's direction to his top 50-officers forbidding them from meeting or talking to opposition MPs without the prior approval of Toews office. That happened at the very moment the investigation into Duffy opened.

Did Toews do something else that made it necessary for him to leave in a hurry? We probably won't know for some time but, if he did, it will probably come out. After all, we've already got Nigel Wright rolling over on his former colleagues in the PMO. That sort of thing in a town like Ottawa is infectuous.

You've got me wondering now. In retrospect, yes, he is totally ejecting from Ottawa & politics. Wonder if he is going to get a court appointment?

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