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Tuesday, September 17, 2013 

New Democrats DEMAND To Know (as should MOST Canadians), Why Conservative Party Lawyer Sat In On Elections Canada Investigative Interviews On Robocalls Scandal!!

Progressive Bloggers

OTTAWA – The NDP wants the Commissioner of Elections Canada to publicly answer questions about why Conservative Party lawyer Arthur Hamilton attended robocalls interviews.

In a letter sent to Commissioner Yves Cote Tuesday, NDP MP Craig Scott asks Cote to answer six specific questions about Hamilton’s presence in interviews with witnesses, all of them Conservative staffers. “It just jumps off the page that there’s a potential ethical problem here,” Scott, critic for democratic and Parliamentary reform, said in an interview. “What is (Hamilton) doing in the interview when he’s representing a third party? Who gave him permission?”

Neither Hamilton nor Elections Canada will clarify why Hamilton was present during the interviews. (!!!)
Global News Online

.. its well worth while to review the list of 'actions' 'files' & 'cases' Arthur Hamilton has been involved in on behalf of Stephen Harper, The Government of Canada, or the Conservative Party of Canada.. over the last 10 years
ie legal counsel and advice for the Conservative Fund Canada, the Conservative Party of Canada, its caucus, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Calgary Southwest, Alta.)

Clearly, this latest issue points to a government that believes it can 'control', 'groom' deflect/deny or deter.. any negative situation.. and is represented by a lawyer that may dispense & defend such fallacies, to that end

In the past I've often asked just how much per hour and for how many people, dong what.. we can expect to reward such 'lawyers'


Is 500 per hour close ? How many persons billed ? Certainly Arthur Hamilton and his firm would just be the tip of the legal iceberg..

And check out just how busy we (Canada) keep him ..
Its kind of a litany of slippery & slimy Harper and Conservative follies.. all defended at the expense of taxpayers.. quite stunning !


Is there nothing that will stir a national outrage at the oily party in power?

Didn't Harper appoint Yves Corte to Elections Canada, as one of his own boys?

I think Harper spends most of his time in Courts, either being sued or using the Courts to delay issues he doesn't want to deal with. Mostly because, Harper is a cesspool of corruption, thefts, lies, deceit and cheating to win? We can always expect the worst from Harper.

Justice delayed, justice denied. Chief Electoral Officers say. Tories behind delays in robo-call investigation.
May 28/2013

The robo-call ruling. Have we hit bottom yet?
May 25/2013

We can expect Harper to use, every dirty tactic in the book, to not allow himself to be implicated in his, robo-call election fraud and scam.

Harper was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation of 1989. Harper had hired Wolfgang Droege and his Heritage Front as, security for Preston Manning

Harper permitted Conrad Black into Canada, he was a member of Harper's Northern Foundation.

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