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Tuesday, September 11, 2018 

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh’s Problems Worsen Before Todays Caucus Meeting In BC

Many pragmatic, experienced veterans of the New Democratic Party of Canada are preparing for the Party to be nearly obliterated in the upcoming 2019 Election under the leadership of Jagmeet Singh.

The reasons are many, but none more public than Singh's handling of the Erin Weir and Christine Moore harassment allegations in the Federal Caucus.  Singh has also managed to ignite an outright battle with the governing New Democrats in Alberta over pipelines and a nasty battle with Saskatchewan Federal New Democrats over the excommunication of MP Erin Weir.

It is unfortunate that at their Caucus meeting starting today in BC,  the Members of the Federal NDP Caucus will rally around Singh, attack his critics and venture forward over the next year with grim determination while Canada witnesses the electoral sinking of the Federal NDP. 

Perhaps from the remains of the Federal NDP will arise a social democratic option in Canada for the 21st Century that is not burdened with the current idiotic 'rebel without a clue'  leadership that is currently suffocating it.

-Globe & Mail -The Star

The Erin Weir thing may indeed be a problem. But on the pipeline issue he did the right thing, both ethically and politically. There are approximately three NDP voters outside Alberta who support pipelines full of bitumen. Everyone knows oil owns Alberta and so OK, the NDP premier of Alberta inevitably turned to the dark side on oil-related issues; that's no reason for the federal NDP to act bought when they don't even have a check to show for it.
Not to mention, after all Notley's more-pro-pipeline-than-thou posturing she's got nothing but ingratitude from pro-pipeline Alberta voters. There is no way her premiership is going to translate into federal NDP seats in Alberta. So what on earth would be the percentage for Singh in pissing off the NDP membership around the country (and particularly in BC)?

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