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Thursday, November 23, 2006 

What the Right Is Saying About Harper's Motion

Reaction to Stephen Harper's motion which recognizes the Quebecois as a 'nation' is still coming in from across the political spectrum.

Here is what the Right has to say. The following quotes are courtesy of smalldeadanimals:

"This is the beginning of the end of Canada."

"This is a very sad day."

"I've had enough of the blackmail...kick them out. But Canada keeps what Canada owns, including the St. Lawrence, St. Lawrence Seaway and the hydro-electric infrastructure in Labrador."

"This was Iggy's idea a few weeks ago. It was stupid then, and it's stupid now."

"Ridiculous special treatment for Quebec."

"Yuck, I think I'm going to be sick."

"What a load of crap! Sellout to appease the Franco's of Kbec....."

"Harper must have got into some bad dope. This is the second moronic thing he's done in the last month. The end can't be far off."

"Quebec is a nation so what's a canada? Are nations entitled to transfer payments? "

"Quebec is a pain in the ass and if recognizing that they are an inferior part of Canada that needs to be isolated from the rest of us ... so be it."

"I do think that Mr. Harper's intention is foolish."

"I want the Swedes in Canada recognized as a nation. Anything less is discrimination."

"I think it is time to break this country up. It obviously isn't working anymore."

Not me, but then I don't consider myself on the right.

I think it was brilliant. I'm pretty much in agreement with your previous post.


Buckdog...of course, being the non-partisan that you are, i will expect to see all the positive comments that were stated as well..many more than the negative ones.

While we are it..great speech by Jack Layton..good to see that his Utopian dream of a socialist paradise is still alive (and still irrelevant!) in Canada.

The moans and groans greeting his performance could only have been topped if he had broken out in a rousing rendition of the International

Pretty strange day when the progblogs are congratulating Harper and SDA is slamming him....

We're through the looking glass now I think...

kursk ... I am not 'non-partisan' so expect what you want.

I'm in alot of shock over that announcement...its true, quebec is a nation...different language, religion, all its own tv shows, radio, and publications....but you sure as hell dont admit it, you fight it!

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