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Saturday, December 09, 2006 

The Simpletons Who Advocate Right Wing Thinking

Most progressives are well aware of the high level of ‘self righteousness’ that is found in right wing thinking. They thrive on reducing everything down to a basic differentiation. ‘This is good / and this is bad’ - ‘this is right / and this is wrong’. Simple. That is how they want life to be.

Where right wingers really get screwed up is when a progressive thinker infuses a bit of ‘grey area’ into their thinking. It is great fun and we should never hesitate to shatter the deluded ‘black / white’ rationalizations of these political simpletons.

There are numerous political simpletons that I could demonstrate my theories with. I could pick Ezra ... or how about Michael Coren, one of my favorite right wing thinkers who writes for the Toronto Sun. Remember Mr. Coren? He’s the columnist who insisted a few months ago that we needed to drop nuclear weapons on Iran.

In his latest column, Mr. Coren makes the following statements: “We need a restoration of stigma. We need to reintroduce the concept of sin. We need to become more judgmental.”

He elaborates further, “Marriage is not living together and a common-law marriage may be common but it's not a marriage. It goes without saying, of course, that while homosexual couples may be happy and loving, they can never be married in spite of what politicians and legal zealots try to tell us.”

Oh really? Tell us more, Mr. Coren, “Nowhere is this more obvious than in the area of sex and sexuality. We're told we should now call prostitutes "sex-trade workers" and strippers "exotic dancers." But they're not. They're prostitutes and strippers. And "Johns" are fornicators.”

See how the right wing mind works? They thrive on dividing people into different groups - ‘these are the good people / and these are the bad people.’

Right wingers always need someone to hate, to blame, to scapegoat. When taken to an extreme, right wingers force the stigmatized ones to wear yellow stars or pink triangles. And that is just the beginning of how they deal with the ‘bad people’.

But in the spirit of the season, Mr. Coren finishes his illuminating piece of nonsense off with very charitable Christian wishes for a “Merry Christmas.”

Well, I would like to extend the best wishes of the Season to Mr. Coren and tell him to 'Bite me'!

Toronto Sun - Michael Coren


It's been far too long since you've made a sweeping condemnation of the entire right wing of political thought based on the ramblings of one of our less brilliant members.

You're back, baby!


Grazie molto!


That was a great comment from our Italian friend... I like how it starts "I'M ITALIAN!"

Mr. Coren's comments are totally outrageous. I'm not hearing anyone from the Right comment on the content of his nonsense.


I'm not hearing anyone from the Right comment on the content of his nonsense.

Thats the whole point. Unless Coren is advocating a tenant of right wing thinking in general (if there were one), which all conservatives would support, you can't exactly criticize right wing thought in general.

Sadly, Coren is among the "theocons" who seem to think that it's okay to throw others under the policy bus in order to allow them to feel that they are "superior" somehow.

This is simply one more demonstration of Coren's neanderthal views - especially of women it seems. He's called for nuking Iran; keeping women barefoot and pregnant; generally dismissive of GLBT citizens and their rights.

The right wing (fiscal conservative) of this nation needs to shed the association with whackjobs like Coren, Levant, Jackson, the Byfields etc. - and that means calling them out when they open their yaps and say something as blatantly daft as Coren has done.

I do agree with him on one point. Don't panic Leftdog, you'll see where I'm going ;).

"“We need a restoration of stigma."

Yes we do. Particularly on things we can ALL agree are not-good-things. Quit rating crimes against persons, it does not matter who was assaulted, raped, robbed, murdered, etc. NO ONE DESERVES that.

Quit excusing lying, cheating, fraud, and corruption. Publicly
elected officials should be called to account no less than a postal clerk found abusing the public trust.

Quit making it acceptable for politicians to verbally abuse anyone who disagrees with them. You want me to be fair and polite, you be the same. Don't call me a "traitor" and "unpatriotic" or "a friend to terrorists" because I disagree with your methods.

Stop waving "the Constitution" (or whatever document is the equivalent in Canada) in my face when you are afraid someone is attempting to infringe upon your rights yet cheerfully toss it in the trash bin when it is used to protect someone of whom you disapprove. It is not your call any more than it is mine. Stop "rating" people based on whatever your perception of value is. That's fine for your personal life and choices, not for public policy.

I'm sure I could come up with enough cases that could use a healthy dose of stigma to write a book but I've hogged Leftdog's blog enough for one day. Cheers.

Do you know what utterly amazes me is that cretins like yourself be leave that you are correct in your thinking, that all right wing thinking people are morons. The self riotous smugness that idiots such as yourself portray astounds me. If for one moment you think that normal people would if asked individually agree to homosexuality you have another think coming.
I am a right wing thinking person but only because idiots like yourself push us to accept you’re twisted sense of morality. If for instance you think it is a natural act to batter your dick up another man’s bum then I pity you sir, if that is not a warped act then I do not know what is. I am not one of your God fairing people types, but people such as yourself have a tendency to make my skin crawl a tad and maybe I should have a rethink about religion.
I do not agree with the thugs that seem to accompany free thinking right wingers but it seems to me that is what they (the simpletons)might have to do, resort to fight the WTP warped thinking police. If as you say you think that it correct to go up another mans shite pipe then fight fire with fire. For us normal people who would like to think independently you would have us branded as anti Semitic, homophobic racists. What I would like is to be able to go somewhere and not have swearing rap bands, a couple of screaming queens on parade or the poor black man scenario shoved in my face at every turn. Yes sir you have us running scared.

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