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Friday, November 16, 2007 

Keeping It RIEL - Louis Riel Day

122 years ago today, in Regina, Louis Riel, the leader of the Metis Nation was executed by the Government of Canada.

Riel is widely considered by many to be a Canadian hero because of his vision and fight for the rights of First Nations people. History is written by the victors and in the case of the Metis people, official Canadian history does a disservice to this great leader.

Louis David Riel should be recognized for his role in the creation of the provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. He was elected as a Member of Parliament but was not able to take his seat in the House of Commons because of the political turmoil of the era.

Louis Riel is a true Western Canadian hero!

-Riel Bio ...
-Metis Nation Of Canada

Back in the 60's we tried to get Simon Fraser University re-named Louis Reil university. This didn't happen though the student residence got re-named.

I see neoconazis like Tom Flanagan still push the racist propaganda against Reil, however. Wonder how the rest of the Harpocrits regard him?

Manitoba recently declared a new holiday - first Monday in February and have called it Louis Riel Day.

Saskatchewan recently named the highway from Regina to Prince Albert as the Loius Riel Trail.

I think it is a good thing to give recognition to this figure from Canada's past.

He was elected as a Member of Parliament?

WOW you learn something new everyday I guess.

Yes huff he was ... "While a fugitive, he was elected three times to the Canadian House of Commons, although he never assumed his seat. During these years, he was frustrated by having to remain in exile"

One time he actually slipped into Ottawa, walked to Parliament Hill and entered the Parliament Building. He signed the Book of newly elected Members of Parliament and then slipped out of Ottawa.

Riel NEVER wanted to take up arms against Canada, but the Canadian Government under John A, McDonald simply would NOT recognize the Metis and moved troops to take land that the Metis had lived on for generations in both Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

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