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Friday, November 23, 2007 

Taser Guns Make GREAT Christmas Gifts In The USA!

"As the RCMP launches a fresh probe into another Taser-related death, the U.S. manufacturer of the stun gun is promoting the weapon as a great Christmas gift.

"What does Santa bring you when you have been good but the world is getting bad?" reads the ad for "personal protector" guns on Taser International's website (www.taser.com.)

Sold in a variety of styles and colours to civilian consumers across the U.S., including metallic pink and "electric blue," the product retails for $299-$349 and can be purchased online.

The Taser C2 uses the same technology as law enforcement models and has "incredible takedown power," according to the site. The special Taser Cam, which features a video and audio recording component for "enhanced accountability" sells for $499."



Is this a joke.

who in there Right mind would sell Tasers to the general public?

huff1 this is NO joke ... welcome to the wonderful world of free enterprise where everything is a commodity. Need a surgery? (got the cash? .... well step right up!).

Want to buy a nice little handgun for the wife? We have some very nice models? How about a purse size canister of pepper spray?

Step right up ... get your credit card out!

NO Leftdog, free enterprise is a good thing as long as there is a balance.

Off topic
We do agree that the Riders Rule though.

Huff ... do you consider the United States (where you can buy your wife a taser or a guy or pepper spray for Christmas) is balanced?

I don't. That is why I am glad to be a Canadian, fighting to bring 'balance' to our system so that we do NOT degenerate into a completely unrestricted free market system.

Ideologically huff, the only thing that separates you and I is the degree to which we believe that 'balance' needs to be brought into the picture.

On that note ... are you wearing green? (I KNOW you are) - (( so am I!!)).

O yes I'm wearing Green top to bottom.

Pretty soon, there'll be children running all over Canada shouting "Don't tase me, bro!"

I understand that they worked so well that the RCMP just ordered another 10,000 of them.

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Peace out! Enjoy Christmas!!


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