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Friday, February 01, 2008 

Margaret Thatcher Named Great Briton Lifetime Achievement Awardee

(Baroness Margaret Thatcher entertaining Fascist Military Dictator and mass murderer General Augusto Pinochet)


London, England (AHN) - Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was bestowed Thursday with the Morgan Stanley Great Britons Lifetime Achievement Award. Her award is one of 8 given by the Great Briton Awards 2007.

Thatcher, who was recognized for rescuing Britain's greatness, served as Prime Minister until 1979. She is the only female to have held the post among Britain's 11 prime ministers.

In his talk, Tory leader David Cameron said Thatcher was a great modernizer and great pragmatist who dared to go against public opinion. "Today we know exactly what Thatcherism meant for our country; victory in the Cold War, victory against unbridled trade union power, the sale of council houses, the liberation of the British economy."
Vittorio Hernandez
AHN News

More .....

"Thatcher, who was recognized for rescuing Britain's greatness, served as Prime Minister until 1979"

I think that should be until 1990 not 1979. She was PM from 1979-1990

Good catch huff ... the bad feeling I have for this evil, evil person seems fresher than 1979!

Given the state of her health, she won't have much time to relish this dubious distinction. Attila the Hen hasn't been the same since Denis died and most of Conservative Britain have left her on the sidelines--largely avoided by the Tories and the members of the Lords.

She's living some of her punishment while still alive. That's a fitting tribute to such a person. Mike Harris, Brian Mulroney, Richard Nixon, George Bush 2, Kissinger, and Pinochet also belong to that league of tragedies in the experiment called human beings. They all serve or served out the rest of their days in ignominy and shame and general public shunning.

There can be retribution before death. Yay!

Well said Mr. Elliott!

why is it the people I like you hate? :-(

That’s a rhetorical question Leftdog.

Maggie Thatcher is my patron saint at MoreThings.

Al! I should have known! (actually you have an amazing archive of photos many of which I have never seen before - the young Margaret shots are quite interesting to see.)

Huff - go there and bookmark it ... you will love it.

Here is a shot I recall from back in the day ....

I did. he he he!!

I was just wondering whether she's still alive. I've given you a link: visit my blog and let me know if you like to reciprocate

Yes, Mrs Thatcher is still alive. Quite old, but still alive.

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