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Thursday, June 26, 2008 

Bernardo Needs To Come Clean On ALL His Crimes

Anthony Hanemaayer was falsely accused and convicted of a 1987 sex attack that he did not commit. He went to jail and sat there while the real perpetrator, Paul Bernardo originally said nothing. There are a lot of twists and turns to this story because even when Bernardo did finally admit to the attack, Ontario Justice authorities said nothing for 18 months and never did contact either Mr. Hanemayyer or his lawyers directly.

On the Bernardo matter, he sits in a small jail cell for 23 hours a day and will remain there for the rest of his natural life. Bernardo, however, believes that he will one day achieve some type of parole. This disconnect between Bernardo and authorities may even be allowing other 'Hanemaayer's' to be sitting in jail, wrongfully accused.

So how do we find a way for Paul Bernardo to be enticed to come clean and admit to each and every crime he committed?

The possibility of parole cannot be on the table. He must remain incarcerated as a dangerous offender for life. Period. He is a psychopath and there is no treatment available that will change his behaviours.

Bernardo has in past stated that while he IS guilty of sexual assault, he claims that 'no one died until Karla came along' - referring to his former wife, Karla Homolka.

When she was released, Bernardo indicated that he had information that he wanted to bring forward about her, but he was not allowed to speak publicly. Ontario Justice screwed that one up badly.

Ontario Justice officials have a public responsibility to ensure that no one else is or has sat in prison for a crime that Bernardo committed.

Clearly, a public inquiry into what happened to Mr. Hanemaayer is needed in this case. Hard questions need to be asked of Ontario Justice officials. Hard questions need to be asked of Paul Bernardo.

Clearly this travesty of justice demands answers, but the biggest question in my mind is not so much what else Bernardo did, but how did our justice system get to a point where it can effectively bully an innocent person into a guilty plea?
I suspect this happens far more frequently than we'd like to admit. It should never happen!

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