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Tuesday, July 08, 2008 

Iran Says If It Is Attacked There Will Be War

"Iran's response to any military action will make the invaders regret their decision and action."
Mohammed Jafari
Head of Iran's Revolutionary Guard

Officials in Iran have said that if it is attacked, they will retaliate and a state of war will exist. I suppose that with all of the sabre rattling that Bush is doing concerning a military strike on Iran, we shouldn't be surprised. Jafari warned that if his country is attacked, by either the United States or Israel, Iran would launch a barrage of missiles at Israel and close the Strait of Hormuz, the outlet for oil tankers leaving the Persian Gulf.

The Independent

I always love it when some rogue nation says "if attacked, we'll attack back" and it's treated as "news". I mean, D'UH.

Now, Iran might be a bit more emphatic and colourful about it, but how is this remotely either A) suprising or (frankly) B) worrying? Do we expect Iran's position to be "if somebody attacks us we'll do nothing"? 'Cause THAT would be news. Isn't "if someone attacks us we'll fight back" pretty much the stance of every nation on the planet? I think even Switzerland takes the stance that they'd retaliate if attacked.

Anyway, I'm always slightly amused by the angst over these kinds of, basically self-evident, statements. Sure, Iran's a bit more bellicose about it, and in the Middle East these kind of words are more likely to become reality than elsewhere, but pretty much everyone's gonna retaliate if they're attacked, and more importantly basically EVERYONE's gonna SAY they'll retaliate if attacked. So, again, D'UH!

I anxiously await the first nation to come out and declare "If attacked, we will immediately send the attackers a note proclaiming 'Thank you Sir, may I have another?'". Followed, no doubt, by their immediate invasion by whatever neighbouring country gets troops to their borders first.

On June 7, 1981, Israeli jets bombed Iraq. There was no retaliation.

I assume that Iran is letting Israel know that there WILL be retaliation this time around.

dog your post makes no sense lol!

I feel bad for you.

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