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Wednesday, September 24, 2008 

REDUX: One Hundred (100) Reasons NOT To Vote For Stephen Harper!

Due to overwhelming response ... I am going to run the '100 Reasons' again ... in a slightly different format:

100 Reasons NOT To Vote For Stephen Harper's Conservatives!

Personally Harpers disrespect for fair elections is the most disheartening for me:

Harper believes in the right to buy votes!! He has shown this in his complete disrespect for the Election Canada spending regulations in his close Minority win. And again in this election by launching targeted ads just prior to the calling of the current election. This spending is clearly part of the current election campaign as per Election Canada regulations. But Harper has used the election date and short election campaign period as way to again over spend in this election, "buying votes"!! His solution to his braking election spending regulations will be to cripple Elections Canada as he has the Wheat Board.

If you vote for Harper you might be just doing that because he has spend more on TV ads. If so you are supporting of his action to cripple fair elections in Canada. And you gave up the most important aspect of democracy for a few dollars you didn't even receive.

Please see what he has done to the election process within the Wheat board.

Under those regulations, third-party groups, such as Monsanto, ADM, and Cargill, would be restricted from spending more than $10,000 dollars to influence the election of new directors to the board. But as of August 13, 2008, Stephen Harper has changed the rules.

There now is no limit to the amount of money that companies like Monsanto can spend to manipulate the voting process.

Maybe you should make this a permanent addition to your front page. It's fabulous. I love the built-in link cloud.


Just an observation.

You use plenty of names of Conservative MPs in the 100 reasons.

Curiously, we're not seeing them in the media. It's almost as if the disappeared or went on holidays.

Or--are they--perish the thought--being kept out of the public eye for reasons of embarrassment to the party? That if they start opening their mouths and talking that they'll put the party HQ in damage control? That only the party faithful are allowed to see them?

Hopefully, you never have to publish this again. It will just be something we can refer to when the next version of right wing, god fearing zealots coalesces.

Great post


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