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Monday, January 26, 2009 

New Cars Starting To Pile Up As A Result Of Economic Downturn

Car manufacturers and dealerships are seeing an unprecedented slowdown in car sales as a result of the current economic downturn. New wehicles are starting to overflow on car lots all over North America.

More cars than people!
I am now anti-automobile. Too many of the darn things on this planet.
Has been for decades.
The US spends $400 billion on infrastructure annually to support the use and consequences of their use.

Americans kill themselves and each other 47,000 times a year.
Weapons of mass destruction!
Noise and stink and filthy streets is aggravating.

Not safe to cross the street on a X walk these days.

rSo Leftdog - Is this pile up supposed to be a good or a bad thing? Aren't good liberals supposed to be anti-car? Cars sitting undriven aren't causing global warming.

Do Canuck liberals go on crazy about their global warming religion like they do down here? Seems like you'd feel silly bitching about global warming in that snow and ice.

Well, since your tax dollars are going to prop up the big auto makers, some part of that car inventory pictured belongs to you.

My point throughout this entire economic crisis is this ... Why do 'free market capitalists' ALWAYS need to be bailed out by the taxpaying, wage earning public?

Hand over fist tax cuts to the big capitalists (starting with St. Ronald Reagan) and continuing till today, prove my point. The 'free market' is not free ... it costs the little guy lots!!

As for climate change .... take off the blinders my friend.

Americans kill themselves and each other 47,000 times a year.

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