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Sunday, April 12, 2009 

If You Are An Ignorant Fundamentalist, Why Not Drop Into Alberta's Creationist Museum?

Big Valley Creation Science Museum
Built from the foundations up, for the glory of the Creator,
to display the evidence of his handiwork and refute the lie of evolution.

For those who are too stupid to understand what 'science' is and who have a fundamentalist belief that the Bible is a literal and exact recording of the history of planet Earth and the Universe, you will simply love this bizarre museum located in rural Alberta.

Featured are displays that argue in favour of warped concepts such as:
-Man walked with dinosaurs
-Some dinosaurs made it onto Noah's Ark
-Some fossils are created in mere weeks
-Genealogical proof of a 6000 year old world

Here is my problem with 'fundamentalists'. While they are likely hard working, law abiding individuals, they seem to be so insecure in their existence that they have a deep need for ABSOLUTES! They cannot abide doubt or curiousity. They crave to live in a world with clearly defined, black and white - good and bad differentiations.

I feel sorry for them. I wonder who people like this vote for ...... ?

I wonder if Stockboy Day and our nation's esteemed science minister have visited.

"If you believe is Socialism, why not drop by the Cambodian Killing Fields."

Oh, wait, we're only supposed to make fun of Christian Fundamentalist beliefs.


Ignorant' means those who choose to 'ignore' relevant and pertinent facts.

Fundamentalists do NOT believe in scientific observation .. they believe in their Bible, literally. That is why they are called 'fundamentalists'. If you find someone who understands the science of 'evolution' then they cannot be considered a 'fundamentalist'.

Now .. to your idiotic statement. By equating 'socialism' with what occurred in Cambodia's killing fields, you have just clearly displayed your 'ignorance' of historical facts. In 1979, Vietnam invaded Cambodia and toppled the Khmer Rouge government.

In your narrow and binary world view (good vs bad) and using your limited and primative vocabulary ... you have not explained why one 'socialist' government (Vietnam) toppled another 'socialist' government, 'Cambodia'.

How are things at SDA?

Why do you even bother with this garbage? Seriously? People have all kinds of different beliefs about God and the universe and in this country they are still free to have them. Arguing over creationism versus evolution has got to be the most ignorant debate possible.

Furthermore, to insist that every Christian who holds office swear an oath that they believe in evolution over creationism is truly barbaric. Think about it for a moment.

The purpose of this post is to promote hatred towards fundamentalist Christians, is that something you really want to do? I don't think it is.

Well Trent, let me be frank. I know that you have some pretty severe Right wing leanings so listen up.

Fundamentalists (and I include chrisitan, jewish and muslim fundamentalistst here), completely ignore scientific fact and adhere to ancient mythology as truth. As a result, the same group of people are ripe to accept a variety of political and social NONSENSE as fact! Things like their persecution and discrimination of gay persons. Things like climate change denial. Things like a binary 'good/evil' world view.

I find it funny that I am being accused of promoting hatred towards fundamentalist christiansists. No one throws more hatred around than those folks!

You right wingers have screwed the worlds economy up with your blind adherence to NONSENSE as fact. Your friends and neighbours are sick of it!

Says Trent: " ... to insist that every Christian who holds office swear an oath that they believe in evolution over creationism is truly barbaric."

Funny, I missed the part where Leftdog advocated a mandatory oath of fealty to evolution theory.

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