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Thursday, June 04, 2009 

Conservative Government Auctions Off Silver On Loan To Canada From Buckingham Palace

In their haste to liquidate whatever they can get away with that is publicly owned in this country, someone in the Conservative government sold silver items that were on loan from the British Royal family to Canada.

"OTTAWA -- Three sterling silver flower baskets sold off by the government at bargain-basement prices on a government website were on loan to Rideau Hall from Buckingham Palace, Sun Media has learned. Richard Legrand, who worked at the governor general's residence for 35 years, says he was told when he started at Rideau Hall in 1968 that the ornate pierced silver flower baskets were among several items borrowed from the British royal family.

"Those three baskets were on loan from Buckingham Palace, including two huge candelabra that we used on the diningroom table for state events." Whenever Queen Elizabeth II visited Canada and stayed at Rideau Hall, the silver baskets filled with flowers were placed in the suite where she slept, said Legrand who retired in 2003. "This was a special treat because we knew they were English, we knew they were from Buckingham Palace." [...]

"The baskets were among several pieces of silver and china from Rideau Hall sold two weeks ago for a fraction of their value on the Crown Assets Distribution website usually used to offload surplus filing cabinets and old computers."


This has got to be the most symbolic example of the height of incompetence that this government has reached.

Insult the bloody Queen, why don't you.

Harper insults the Queen on a weekly basis. He does not go to Rideau Hall for a weekly conference with the Governor-General.

The only time he's at Rideau Hall is for a swearing in of a cabinet member.

And this is the same guy who hid behind the G-G's apron last December and locked up the parliamentary process for 6 weeks rather than face a no-confidence vote!

And HE's a leader?

I used to think Stephen Harper's Conservatives were so economically incompetent that couldn't even manage a hotdog stand.

But I think this proves they'd at least be an average pawn-broker.

The Conservatives have just slapped a Canada going out of business sign on its government. Canada doesn't seem to have any identity or purpose anymore. Sad really.

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