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Wednesday, December 16, 2009 

Provincial Audtior SLAMS Saskatchewan Party Government

Readers of this blog know that I have pointed out a number of cases that dispel the myth of 'fiscal conservatism'. The Right continues to believe their own political lie that they are somehow 'responsible' when it comes to administering public tax dollars. Bull feathers!

More proof of this myth was provided in Saskatchewan yesterday with the release of the annual report of the Provincial Auditor.

Here are a few choice excerpts from the report on how 'fiscally conservative' our Right wing Brad Wall government actually is:

"Because the errors significantly impair the usefulness of these financial statements, we have qualified our auditor's report on the GRF (general revenue fund) financial statements published in Public accounts 2008-09 Volume 1. 'Qualified' audit reports are not normal and should cause concern for legislators and the public. Our audit report advises readers of the errors in the financial statement."
Report of the Provincial Auditor on the 2008-09 Government Accounts

"Because the government uses inappropriate accounting policies, the GRF financial statements (for 2008-09) report net debt and annual surplus inaccurately. If the government had accounted for all transactions properly, the statements would have recorded net debt of $8.07 billion instead of $3.85 billion on March 31, 2009, and recorded a surplus of $1.62 billion instead of $2.39 billion for the year ended March 31, 2009."
Report of the Provincial Auditor on the 2008-09 Government Accounts

"The [Social Services] ministry continues to not be able to tell us how many children are in care, who they are and where they live." Report of the Provincial Auditor on the 2008-09 Government Accounts

"Environment (the ministry that was ripped off for nearly $500,000 by an employee), where "public money is still at risk" because it still "does not segregate the duties of employees".
Report of the Provincial Auditor on the 2008-09 Government Accounts

The Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority that "still does not promptly reconcile transactions with automated teller machines to its bank accounts" even after losing $1.2 million in 2009.
Report of the Provincial Auditor on the 2008-09 Government Accounts

-Regina Leader-Post

"Under our old definition, we would be in a technical deficit."

Sask Minister of Finance
Rod Gantefoer
November 12, 2009

What goes around ... comes around!

The previous government never saw a $1B delta between the budget and reality.

Actually that was a $1.8 Billion overestimation of Revenue - unprecedented in Sask history! They were cautioned and warned last spring .. but would they listen .... ??

@Japagaijin: actually no, the NDP mended the broken finances of this dear province after the last time we were stupid enough to vote conservative.

@Buckdog: this post is pretty useless without a link to the report in question.

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