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Tuesday, May 31, 2011 

Ralph Goodale shocked that he must give up his prime office space in the Centre Block!

What Angers Some Liberals The Most Is the Loss Of Entitlement. How dare the 103 New Democrat MP's think they are in any way, superior to 34 Liberal MP's.

Jane Taber and the Globe and Mail agree!
"So much for doing politics differently. The new, muscular NDP is throwing its weight around at the expense of the Liberals."

Excuse me Jane, curbing Liberal entitlement IS doing politics differently!

Progressive Bloggers

I wonder if the words "suck it up, sunshine" hold any meaning for the illustrious Mr. Goodale.

As for Ms. Taber, I doubt she gets it, either.

Dipper Tory, same old story.

How in the WORLD did I not see this post coming? Glad to see you are back to your old consistency after welcoming Elizabeth May to the HoC.

Resume high horsed politicking.

Next the Liberals will be complaining when they don't retain their chair positions on committees. Stop whining and work hard.

"What rankles Grits is that Mr. Goodale has so much seniority and deserves a little respect . . . ."

Just not enough for the Grits to allow him to serve as interim leader, though.

Dylan, Ms. May deserves congratulations from every Canadian. Her election and swearing in was an historic event. As for the current tussle going on between certain blogging Libs and certain blogging Dippers (I confess my involvement) is because of some very nasty attacks on Layton re: a hypothetical future Quebec referendum.

I am trying to engage Libs to work cooperatively with other Opposition caucuses to begin a coordinated defense of the CWB and other targets of Harper's agenda.

Fighting between Libs and Dippers is pointless ... however, some Libs believe they must target the NDP to win back their numbers. Problem is that it is Right Wing libs who voted for Harper that has placed the nation in the situation it currently finds itself in.

For the record, where are you on the issue of the CWB?

You know who is a great advocate for the CWB? Goodale.

I like that, right-wing Liberals were the ones who put is in the predicament we are in. This coming from a person who is "trying to engage Libs to work cooperatively with other Opposition caucuses."

We could also blame the left-wing Liberals who jumped ship in places like Winnipeg South Centre where the NDP had no hope of winning. But then again, if there's never any hope why vote at all? There's merit in that statement and next election the "dead" LPC that "doesn't have a prayer" will surprise New Democrats and Conservatives alike. I believe the Bloc will do the same.

Can we work cooperatively? Sure. Is kicking Ralph Goodale, former Deputy PM and Finance Minister, a message? Sure it is. It's even more so a message when the NDP gives a pass to Stephane Dion. That's cute.

As for the CWB, it should stay if the Farmers select a board that makes the single desk it's mandate. And Liberals in MB support that. They support Farmer's democracy and do not believe that a CPC MP in Portage-Lisgar or Yorkton-Melville means that their board selection is null and void.

Odd how you would ask me to be put on the record, as if I am not "on side" with progress because I think this cheap shot at a veteran MP who is the ONLY progressive voice in Saskatchewan in the centre block is playing the types of head games that everyone hates on and off the Hill.

Dylan, I make the point here, that the Speaker of the House allocates office space in Parliament .. not the NDP Opposition. You seem to want the NDP to let Goodale have office that the Speaker alloates to the official opposition.

The question I asked of you about the CWB had nothing to do with Goodale, office allocation or any other disputes between Dippers and Libs. I asked what your opinion on the CWB is because I don't know? On your blog sidebar, you have a "Progressive Conservative" logo and yet I know you voted Liberal in the last election. It was a question of curiosity, nothing more. I am not attempting to take a cheap shot at you. You and I once had a fairly civil discourse online until the Greens threatened to sue me and then things went sour with our dialogue.

If I offended you by asking for your CWB opinion, excuse me.

Goodale is entitled to his entitlements. What was the Speaker thinking?

When there is no sitting speaker of the House, selecting office space becomes a matter of convention. I wonder why the speaker didn't "evict" Stephane Dion and the NDP communications director was the one to deliver that message? Maybe it's because we won't have a speaker until Tomorrow's vote. Or do you suggest Peter Milliken is still conducting House business?

I once truly enjoyed this blog and your commentary. I was profoundly disappoitned when you deliberately took a piece of Ms. May's address out of context (and anyone who listened to the interview would know it) and willfully distorted her image for the sake of putting down a party which you saw was a threat. It was no better or worse than the CPC's "YES, YES, YES" attack ad on Ignatieff which had the sole intention of smearing him and dumbing-down politics in Canada.

I've never straight up lied and manipulated Jack Layton's words. I've disagreed with the NDP's direction; I've posed open-ended questions as to NDP platforms and leadership decisions; I've speculated as to how they will act -- but I have never, EVER, presented information which I KNEW was false and damaging to the political economy and acted like it was no big deal or that I am in some sort of right as a blogger.

It was petty and disappointing. And all this giggling and "suck it up sunshine" BS is what is wrong with politics today. If the NDP claims it is an alternative to the LPC/CPC then perhaps they shouldn't act like the CPC or LPC and their supporters should demand better. But from what I have been reading the mantra seems to be that it is not hypocrisy when WE do it.

I've spent a long time without a party and I've been thinking more about where I stand on a ideological spectrum; and to what extent that has an effect on policy-based decision making. It can be good for it; and it can be very, very bad for it. The political process muddies the two and often tries to present both as one in the same. I worked for who I thought was the best candidate in WPG south centre last election based on her abilities, track record, and the policies she advocated for. I don't want to be a national-party partisan and I strive to distance myself between those games and the local level where everyday people go about their business and demand better from their leaders.

Since you seem keen to dispense advice to the LPC, here's some for you: you don't have to be a shill for the NDP. You can call them out on bullshit. You can be a member and ask for something GREATER than what you are given. You can be a collaborator or a partisan stalwart. I've seen a lot of the latter from this blog and I hope it to change. There's lots of work to be done, so let's put down our sticks and stop jabbing at the eyes of our brethren.

Dylan, just one point on the Speaker. Milliken is still the Speaker until a new is elect this afteroon. Even though he did not run in the recent election, he stayed on with pay etc AS the Speaker to oversee all of the functions of Parliament until a new Parliament convenes. His duties will end this afternoon.

Again, I have double checked and it IS the Speaker's Office who has been overseeing the allocation of offices.

As for your invitation to 'put down our sticks' .. that is all fine and well and is something I would do if I did not have to tolerate endless daily attacks on Jack Layton and my political party.

You have not been shy to go after Layton, admit it.

Your criticisms of Ruth-Ellen Brosseau from Berthier-Maskinongé were unfair. I was glad to see other bloggers reprimand your criticisms of her.

Dylan - I am not sure how to deal with this. You absolutely hate the NDP - your numerous blog post prove it. You are never shy to ladle out criticism of us. Yet you challenge me to stand here and turn the other cheek while my party is being slapped in the face.

Final point, you clearly remember the incident with Elizabeth May. The fact that she apologized to me, invited me exclusive blogging rights on her national cross-country train trip should say something. You seem to think that I was the bad guy EVEN though the Green Party of Canada attempted to suppress my free speech and to sue one little, retired guy who blogs from Saskatchewan.

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