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Friday, October 14, 2011 

New Democrats Want To Engage In Some Resource Revenue Sharing With Saskatchewan's Aboriginal People - But The Saskatchewan Party .... not so much ....

During his first term in power, Brad Wall had NO problem implementing the concept of 'revenue sharing' with Saskatchewan's municipal governments. However, when it comes to working with First Nations he reacts extremely negatively!

Brad Wall is more than content to have mega-corporations gouge the people of Saskatchewan when it comes to ongoing resource royalty structures. As an example, PotatshCorp continues to rip Billions in windfall profits from the province.

New Democrats will ensure that all the people of this province get a fair return for our non-renewable resources.

RED PHEASANT FIRST NATION – Provincial governments need to do a better job connecting with First Nations and Métis people by dealing directly with the issues that matter including training, education, roads and resource revenue sharing, according to NDP Leader Dwain Lingenfelter.

Speaking on the Red Pheasant First Nation, Lingenfelter announced a commitment to a better relationship with First Nations and Métis people and to negotiations on a resource revenue sharing arrangement.

“We recognize that the negotiations will be complex, but just as the NDP worked with First Nations governments to forge a new and groundbreaking Treaty Land Entitlement Agreement, we will seek a new relationship in revenue sharing upon forming an NDP government,” said Lingenfelter.

Lingenfelter also pledged $2.5 million annually toward the goal of increasing the aboriginal high school graduation rate by 50 per cent in four years and to expanding post-secondary and other training opportunities in First Nations, Métis and remote communities.

“We will build on the successful partnerships we have had with the Gabriel Dumont Institute and the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies to provide training to the people who need it in the locations where they need it,” Lingenfelter said. “And people will actually be able to drive to those locations because the NDP will fix the roads.”

Lingenfelter said that additional funding specifically targeted to roads to First Nations and remote communities is part of the government’s platform and overall commitment to highways and transportation.

The NDP has the largest number of aboriginal candidates running for a provincial party in the province’s history with 11 First Nations or Métis candidates.

“I am proud of the number of top-notch aboriginal candidates that have won our party’s nomination in their constituency and joined our team,” Lingenfelter said. “We encourage First Nations and Métis people to vote for the party that is committed to dealing with the issues that matter to them.”

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