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Thursday, December 15, 2011 

House Of Commons Speaker Andrew Sheer Appears To Be In Conflict Of Interest Over His Ruling In The Cotler Controversy

"OTTAWA — The research firm at the centre of the controversy over calls made to Liberal MP Irwin Cotler’s constituents did extensive work in the last election for Conservative candidates — including House of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer, who on Tuesday rejected Cotler’s breach of privilege claim.

Scheer ruled on Tuesday that Conservatives’ calls to Irwin Cotler’s constituents saying he might resign were “reprehensible” but, based on technicalities, he did not find a breach of Cotler’s privileges as an MP. Not mentioned by Scheer was that the market research firm hired to make the calls — Ontario-based Campaign Research Inc. — had also done work on Scheer’s election campaign in Saskatchewan in the spring.

Elections Canada records show that Scheer’s campaign paid the company a total of $8,199, listed as two line items under the heading “surveys.”

As a result, the official opposition NDP wants Scheer to reconsider his ruling over the dirty-tricks allegations in Cotler’s riding. NDP justice critic Joe Comartin said Wednesday that a court judge in the same situation would certainly have recused himself from making a ruling.

“There is the obvious appearance of a conflict,” Comartin said. “I’d like to hear from him whether he was aware of the conflict, if he knew it was the same company. If he didn’t, there’s no problem.”

Scheer could allow the deputy Speaker, NDP MP Denise Savoie, to rule on Cotler’s breach of privilege complaint. But Comartin, a former criminal defence lawyer, allowed that he knew of no precedent for that in such a high-profile decision, either in Canada or Britain."

Ottawa Citizen

-Conservative Party's 'dirty tricks' squad worked for House Speaker Sheer!

The pic clearly shows the immature, manipulatable House of Commons Speaker with Canada's law breaking proto-dictator.

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