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Monday, July 16, 2012 

Even Conservatives Wonder If 'Bully Boy' Tactics Are Working For Them Any More ...

"Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro, who is under investigation by Elections Canada over allegations of a donation reimbursement scheme in his 2008 campaign expenses and who agreed on July 6 to meet with Elections Canada later this month, should put down his boxing gloves and assume a more lawyerly approach to the allegations against him, says a high-profile Conservative pundit."

"Mr. Del Mastro, Parliamentary secretary to Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Calgary Southwest, Alta.), is under investigation by Elections Canada for allegedly breaching the Elections Act for exceeding his 2008 election spending limit when he wrote Holinshed Research Group a personal cheque for $21,000 for voter-identification calls, and is alleged to have tried to cover up the misspending by reimbursing donors through his cousin David Del Mastro’s electrical contracting company, Deltro. Mr. Del Mastro’s campaign return originally only showed $1,575 paid to Holinshed, but was later updated to include a $10,000 expense for Holinshed. [...]  

“He may want to take a polished sort of lawyerly approach to all this.” 
Tim Powers
Vice-president Summa Strategies
Hill Times

I saw a poll in the Toronto Sun were 54% thought Harper was toast. If the Sun poll thinks this his real standing must be below zero.

Ah .. yes .. Dean Del M is remarkably invisible and quiet.. you might even say transparent currently.. as the dirt flies in Peterborough

I'm not sure how high or low on the 'extremely vulnerable/toxic/threat to Stephen Harper's emperorship list .. he sits today (July 16 2012)

Does he rank higher or lower than Paradis, Ashfield, Fantino, Lecce, Kenney, Mackay, Baird, Anders, Moore, Flaherty. Clement, Poutine et al?

What really concerns me.. is if he (Dean) is a toxic risk to Canadians.. Not whether he could blow Stephen Harper out of the water with revelations, guilt or culpability.

Actually, I think Joe Oliver may be the most dangerous risk.. After all, he's Harper's dogmatic Bay Street TSE, broker front man claiming the tar sands tailings ponds are pretty well drinkable.. and that fracking is good for us..

So suck it up for Canada.. you miserable Canadians and Liberals or Dippers.. Chinese tankers are unsinkable and good for us, its OK to poison boreal wolves because they eat our caribou and will come after us next.. Joe from T.O. sez its so.., pipelines don't ever ever leak and we should be alert to those foreign funded, nation threatening and radical Haida Elders.. that likely have tomahawks n war paint .. and will scalp us all or do a rain dance in front of us ... in the rainforest..

Lordy Lordy.. hellalooya !

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