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Wednesday, August 22, 2012 

Simply Acknowledging The One Year Anniversary Of Jack Layton's Death Is Threatening To Conservatives And Right Wing Liberals ....

"Oh my God. When does the beatification commence?"
Warren Kinsella
August 22, 2012

However, more progressive Liberals are sharing in the sentiments expressed by most Canadians:

"Jack Layton's memory is cherished across Canada and Arlene and I will be thinking of Olivia, family and friends, and Jack's great legacy."
Bob Rae
August 22, 2012

Considering the baseline that scumbag is starting from, Layton must look very much like a saint.

I look at the CBC comments regarding the memorial events taking place and while I expect the usual con-bot brigade to be out, I have never seen so many of them crowded into one topic before.

BTW I'll be at the Vancouver Convention Centre tonight with my orange shirt. Hope there is a big turnout all across Canada to honour Jack's accomplishments and memory!

I met Jack two times years ago, when he was out and about campaigning. His convictions were the same then, as when he passed away. Jack loved Canada and the people, until the day he died.

Even the dirt under our feet, is better than Harper. The day Harper said, Ignatieff is not Canadian, his father is a Russian immigrant, is the day I wrote that scum of a Harper, completely off. Is Harper too stupid to know, it was the immigrants who built this country? That they sent their sons to war for Canada, along with our Canadian boys? Their sons were our Canadian boys too, Mr evil Harper.

Jack nor Ignatieff, would ever commit treason, and give our country to Communist China, Mr. Evil Harper. You are not fit to be a Canadian, much less than run, this once good and decent country.

The robo-call cheat numbers, have now doubled. However, resident evil Harper, is trying to lie and cheat his way out of that one too.

Harper is every bit as hateful as, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini. They all have identical personalities.

Bob showed "class" and Warren showed how "classless" he is. It must really p*** him off that playing fair and not playing dirty political tricks actually encourages positive voter response.

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