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Tuesday, October 30, 2012 

No matter what columnists with Leader-Post / Saskatoon Star Phoenix write ... the Sask Party is nervous about the NDP leadership race ...

Hot on the heel's of their TV attack ad, the Saskatchewan Party is now using the proceedings of the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly to show how nervous they are over issues being discussed in the NDP Leadership Campaign.

Case in point is the logic challenging 'Member's Statement' delivered today by Sask Party MLA & former cabinet minister, Daryl Hickie:

Mr. Hickie: — Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Saskatchewan's NDP [New Democratic Party] leadership candidates have at least one thing in common: they refuse to stand up for Saskatchewan. When asked by the media yesterday about whether they support their federal leader's Dutch disease attack on Western Canada's resource sector, one of the candidates said he supports Thomas Mulcair's position.

NDP leadership candidate Erin Weir told reporters he was in complete agreement with his federal leader's position that our resource sector is bad for Canada. At least we know where he stands, unlike two of his leadership rivals sitting in the Saskatchewan legislature. When reporters asked the members for Regina Rosemont and Saskatoon Massey Place whether they support Thomas Mulcair's Dutch disease diagnosis, they dodged reporters' questions with evasive language, refusing to answer with a simple yes or no if they agree with the federal leader.

I'm sure both members are familiar with Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of Canada, who called the Dutch disease argument a "scapegoat," "overly simplistic," and dead "wrong," and went on to say, "The strength of Canada's resource sector is a reflection of success, not a harbinger of failure."

Mr. Speaker, we still don't know where those two members stand on Mulcair's attacks against Saskatchewan's economy, but I'm sure these members now have something to say, Mr. Speaker. Thank you. 

 This is well beyond any tongue in cheek political antics between political rivals  ... it is a concerted effort to try and interfere with public perception of the NDP's internal leadership debate and selection process.

-Alberta Budget explains how the economic condition known as 'dutch disease' is affecting the Alberta economy  

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Funny statements coming from a backbencher MLA who was not highly regarded as a member of the Prince Albert Police Service. My late father was a 32 year member of the PAPS. Mr Hickie should be standing up for the citizens of PA by demanding funding for a SECOND BRIDGE AND A NEW REGIONAL HOSPITAL TO REPLACE THE CROWDED vIC

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