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Monday, April 22, 2013 

Why Are Trudeau's Liberals Supporting Two BIG Conservative Bills - 'New Anti-terrorism Measures' & 'FIPPA' (China-Canada Trade Deal) .... I'm not surprised

Liberal / Tory ... same old story...

The Liberal Party of Canada has a well documented historical habit of pretending to be 'progressive' while supporting or advancing Right Wing interests. Any progressive who supports the Liberal Party of Canada must live in what can only be called 'cognitive dissonance'.

"Meanwhile, the Chamber will devote the day to discussing the aforementioned S-7, which would restore certain provisions related to investigative hearings, security certificates and other procedural issues, as well as make 'technical amendments' related to future parliamentary review of the law, which would allow for either the extension, or, alternately, sunsetting of those measures. 

Given the government's reported desire to turn the two days now allocated for report and third reading consideration of the bill into a discussion of Trudeau's comments on looking for the 'root causes' of terrorism following the Boston Marathon bombings, it's worth pointing out that the Liberals have actually supported the bill, with the caucus -- including Trudeau -- voting with the government in support thereof at second reading last fall, and backing the Conservatives at committee"

"FIPA hands over Canada's natural environment to corporate interests, and "puts legislative efforts to protect our land, air and water at risk of being struck down by corporate lawsuits.” The agreement would do “serious damage to Canada” if allowed to proceed in its present form, he told Parliament.[...] The Liberals have said they want to work with the current FIPA, and review it with public hearings across the country, rather than kill the agreement altogether.
Vancouver Observer.com

 Progressive Bloggers

Why? Because they remain Conservative-Lite. They maintain the anti-terrorism amendments were Chretien era proposals so they're supposedly just dandy. I don't get their lame excuse on FIPPA that they'll simply renegotiate offending bits and pieces sometime in the future. But, then again, that's why I'm a disaffected (as in former) Lib.

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