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Monday, July 15, 2013 

Yeah right .... we really 'trust' Pierre Poilievre to reform Canada's democracy .....

Progressive Bloggers

"The root cause of terrorism is terrorists." 
The Honourable Pierre Poilievre, MP
(Minister Responsible for Democratic Reform)

"The root cause of stupidity is being stupid."  
Buckdog Politics
(Political nerd, too much time on my hands)

-Hey Conservatives .... where's our missing $3.1 Billion tax dollars??

I'd like to go on record in saying that the root cause of pregnancy is pregnant women.

Thank you.

And who says Stephen Harper doesn't have a sense of humour?

.. the land.. its elections and voters, and the dreams, needs and wishes of the electorate are the celebration of democracy and country that pond scum parasites like Poilievre infect with acquired zombie toxic ideology and policy & legislation servicing only corporatist, partisan or evangelical masters.

And this pimpy mouthpiece Poilievre aside.. why was American import Tom Flanagan never anointed as Minister of Indian Affairs ? Or as Minister of Attacks on Democracy .. to deconstruct The Charter ? Whatever .. Poilievre or Flanagan or a creep like Boessenkool .. just more of the same toxic Alliance/Alberta petro brew

The weakest part of the Harper bad whisky shell game is Stevie/Ray Harper .. them/their selves..

Ray Novak is ripe for plunder. Joe Oliver has green bitumen froth bubbling from his lips and his pants. Environment policy and legislation is now open season again.. Ritz is a mad cow, dead salmon walking. Fisheries and Oceans has ISA virus and aint allowed to speak or appear in public..

Dosey Do .. swing your partner .. n you don't know
MacKAy is silent now on F-35's n so is Ambrose

And hello again for what ? The 3rd time ?
Gail Shea .. queen of the wild salmon killers

Regurgitated cabinet.. like barf shaken not stirred
Approach at your own risk .. Canada ..

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