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Thursday, August 01, 2013 

Kingston Penitentiary no longer housing prisoners in 60 days - Paul Bernardo Needs To Move!

After 18 years in an isolated cell like this in the Kingston Penitentiary, Paul Bernardo is requesting a change to a Medium Security facility.

KINGSTON  - Schoolgirl killer Paul Bernardo feels he has suffered enough in maximum security and has applied to be transferred to the medium-security comforts of condo-style prison housing.
It’s not a slam dunk but, much to the disgust of the father of the slain Kristen French, the 48-year-old has still asked to be granted just that.

With Kingston Penitentiary no longer housing prisoners in 60 days, its most notorious inmate is trying to have his security status lowered to avoid being shipped out to Quebec, sources say.
They say because he doesn’t want to end up at a prison like the super maximum-security pen in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines near Montreal, the notorious killer and Scarborough rapist, who is serving a life sentence and has been slapped with a dangerous offender designation, has applied to be moved from the Kingston Pen this summer to new special housing at the medium-security Bath Institution just 20 minutes away.

“Whether he gets his request or not is not yet known,” said a corrections source. “But he has applied and he is entitled to apply.”
Ottawas Sun

Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Minister Steven Blaney said Thursday night that Bernardo will not be accommodated in a medium security facility. I am not surprised, the optics are terrible and it would be a wildly unpopular move that the PM knows he can ill afford.

Hsrpo and his provincial cronies are expanding prison capacity like never before in Canada's history, despite a steady downward trend in criminal activity. With the Cons doing their best to Americanize our corrections system, surely there is a maximum security bed available for him.

However, beyond the need to keep Paul Bernardo securely locked up, I do think that the way we incarcerate him is a human rights travesty. Some would say he deserves it, but we are Canada, aren't we better than torturing the man by locking him up 23 hours per day and allowing him almost no human contact? There must be a better way. Surely criminals like him must be punished but what we are doing to people in protective custody is inhumane. We have nothing to be proud of in this regard.

Frankly, the Sun piece when read in its entirety feels like another propaganda piece - this time it is aimed at the "get tough on crime" crowd, while there was one in the Calgary Sun yesterday aimed at the "faux patriotism".

While I can appreciate that nothing will bring back Bernardo's victims, the fact is he isn't getting out from prison - any more than Clifford Olson was ever going to.

Frankly, it makes little difference whether he is kept in isolation in a supermax type environment or in medium security. He's still behind bars.

He will go from one dark hole to another. Some of the others though who still stand a chance , with families, are who concern me and many others...

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