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Thursday, August 13, 2015 

Turns Out There Is A 'Biblical' Reason Why Nigel Wright Made $90,000 Payment To Conservative Senator Mike Duffy - Wright Quotes Scripture On Witness Stand !!!

Stephen Harper’s former chief of staff Nigel Wright cited the Bible to explain why he kept secret his decision to personally repay beleaguered Senator Mike Duffy’s questionable expenses.
The second day of testimony by Mr. Wright, who resigned from the Prime Minister’s Office in 2013 after the payment came to light, began with the Crown asking the wealthy businessman to elaborate on why he instructed a fellow PMO staffer to tell no one about the $90,000 bank draft.

In response, Mr. Wright cited a book of the New Testament, Matthew, and in particular, Matthew 6, verse 3.
“This is sort of Matthew 6: You should do those things quietly and not let your right hand know what your left is doing,” he told the Ottawa court.
There are different translations of most Bible verses but a generally accepted version of the verse in question discusses how people should not boast of alms to the poor: “When you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.”
Senators earn more than $140,000 annually in their stipend from taxpayers.
The Globe & Mail

Then as one astute blogger asked why didn't Wright just give Duffy the cheque and just leave it at that. This church going, soup kitchen volunteer, positing as an ethical, discreet giver to a man in need, is a farce. If he had any consideration for Canadians, as he keeps suggesting, then he would tell the truth. Also, does he think we're really that stupid, that we would think he did all of what he did, because he's simply a good man. We can read the emails, including their tone. In some of them he is one aggressive, forceful guy especially around the audit.

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