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Tuesday, March 07, 2006 

Are You Ready For 10 Years in Afganistan??

CanWest news reported today that Foreign Affairs Minister Peter McKay has rejected a debate in the House of Commons concerning our changing role in Afgainistan. When asked what length of time our commitment might be, McKay said, "As for the length of time that we will be there, that is an open question". McKay was further quoted as saying,"we are going to rely heavily on the information we receive from (Chief of Defense Staff) General Hillier and others who are overseeing this mission." The article goes on to say, 'Hillier, as well as other Canadian and NATO generals have said the West needs to be prepared for a decade long commitment to rebuild Afganistan'.

Are we being told that the length of the mission is up to the Generals? Are we being told that we are going to be there for 10 years?

If an issue EVER needed a full debate in the House of Commons, this is it!

The northwards drift of Bushian neoconism ...

Notice how similar the reactions of Harper and his foreign minister, Peter MacKay, are to those of Bush and his neocons?

• There is no need to debate the issue of Afghanistan.
• The military on the ground will determine what has to be done.
• “I have decided...”
• Just state your beliefs and forget about debating them or the issue, after all, you are the leader, aren’t you? And leaders lead, don’t they?

The scariest part is that one sees the steadfastness of a strong-willed person in the positions being taken by Harper, but just south of Canada the Americans are reeling from the many blunders committed by that all-hat-and-no-cattle fellow that “won” the election as their leader ...

Wonder if Canada is in for a period of pontifical infallibility, just like the Americans are experiencing? Signs are that is the case.

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