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Sunday, August 27, 2006 

smalldeadanimals trying to 'fix' Prog Blog poll

Due to the mischief making from the smalldeadanimals (or as some like to call them - smalldeadbraincells) - the poll has been suspended.

This is how Tories try to distract their supporters from the sins of Jason Kenney AND the photoshop masters over at the Conservative Party Website.

I appreciate the support .. but as I mentioned already in my 2nd update to my original post here, I've shut the poll down, because the freep is getting out of hand.. so I'm cutting off their source of Sunday entertainment for today

Why Scott? It's a source of Sunday entertainment for progressive bloggers as well if the Small Dead Animals are allowed to freep what they want. They voted at Calgary Grit's Preston Manning poll too, and will do it in the future.

Let them swing the polls they want, and use it as a demonstration of why progbloggers must come together in order to "compete" online with Conservatives.

I was prepared to let them have their fun for awhile, but when votes like this come pouring in at the rate of 1 every minute.. the vote gets totally distorted by persons who've probably never laid eyes on Prog Blog before.

Anyhow.. The poll's been up for 3 days , and was due to be changed anyhow. We had a good idea what the split was on the topic (70-30 against cutting of funding) before the concerted effort to turn the poll began.

We'll see if the trend to mess with our polls continues or its just the SWC topic thats so enraged them.

hello Margaret - how are things in BC today? I notice you just set this name up with blogspot and very recently because no one but I has ever looked in on your profile. Now you are using the name of a real person (and I do not believe that you are actually Margaret Thatcher). We have had someone trying to post here as 'Stephen Harper' a few times and when we get a post like that we delete it because I will bet you my pickup truck that the real Stephen Harper does not post on this blogsite.

Well Margaret.. unlike at SDA, we arent an echo chamber at Prog Blog. I know that might surprise you since you're so used to hearing the same viewpoint without dissent (or when there is dissent, that unfortunate gets piled on) over and over.. but when you have bloggers represented from 4 different parties plus unaffiliated bloggers, you do get differences of opinion, and its encouraged at our site.

moneybags4me and artiste formerly known as... I see that you are on my site - do not escalate. You may not like the result

Leftdog, I just got back from two days of vacation in the country when I thought I would check what my favourite lefty is up to.

I have not visited your site in several days, and I would swear on my mothers life.

I think you have become a little paranoid. And I resent that you try to say everyone who disagrees with you is me. If I wasn't anonymous I would be really offended.

But NOW I am on your blog. Please refrain from making misleading statements about me.

man that is what I call a LONG visit

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