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Saturday, September 16, 2006 

Bloggers Go After Kimveer Gill's Online Buddies

Montreal shooter, Kimveer Gill, spent a lot of time on his blogsite located at vampirefreaks.com . The Toronto Sun reports that hundreds of bloggers have gone after Gill's site and his blogging pals in a verbal barrage of reprimand in the aftermath of the shooting at Dawson College.

Toronto Sun

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This strikes me as some kind of online progrom against goths and I find it disgusting.

Kimveer Gill did the shooting, not the goths and not the community at vampirefreaks.com.

This is nothing more than internet vigilantism and terror.

Shame on the lot of them.

Mike - I agree. A lot of our fellow citizens seem so anxious to race to the lowest kind of human behaviour that is possible to deal with things they don't agree with.

Every where I look recently, violence seems to be the main solution that people want to employ to 'fix' problems. The Michael Coren article advocating the use of nukes to 'solve' the Iranian situation is one of the worst cases I've seen recently.

Your point about internet vigilantism is a great example of people wanting to fix a 'negative' with another 'negative'. I have a troll on my site who wants to NUKE just about everything as his solution. He wants blood and more blood and maybe a bit more blood after that.

What the hell is going on with all of this?

It's just the public's reaction to a situation they feel helpless in preventing. It will settle down, eventually.

Maybe some of these kids on vampirefreaks need to hear some words from the wise. There may even be some good councilling going on. (?)


That may be true, but I fear the kind of attacks and prejudice these kids are now experiencing will push them further away, rather than draw them in.

Of course, this pre-supposes the "kids" (Gill was 25 so not a kid in my books, but I digress) need help. Beyond a fascination with "goth" they may not have any problems at all. Kinda like all the UFO, Star Trek, conspiracy-theory folks.

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