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Friday, October 06, 2006 

Conservatives Support Troops by Stripping Danger Pay From the Seriously Wounded

Hey Conservatives! Hey Harper! You guys are 'supporting' our Canadian troops by stripping pay elements from any service person who happens to get seriously wounded! Now that's 'Support'!

Our wonderful Conservative government is proving themselves to be as mean spirited as their supporters are on sites like smalldeadanimals and Western Standard's Shotgun blog.

Do you conservatives pro-rate the pay the minute a soldier is wounded? Exactly when after a serious battle wound do you start making financial deductions?? I suppose right wing 'taxpayer' lobbyists endorse this policy!

Let's get these idiots out of office as soon as possible!

Toronto Sun

Guess what, just 2 hours ago on the Federal Defense Minister said he is getting his 'people' working to find a 'fix' for this little Tory problem!!!!!

I have had a couple of abusive posts from Conservative types this afternoon that I will not post - they both worked from the same speaking point that this was the Liberals fault - EXCUSE ME TORY TYPES - You are the government and could have fixed it - you did nothing until you GOT caught!

As I understand, its a military policy up to the discretion of the brass, not a gov't responsibility. The Tories have only stepped in now thats in an issue.

So whats the big deal? The conservatives are not at fault here. Its DND.

from your article:

Gen. Rick Hillier, the chief of defence staff, says he heard about the problem LAST WEEK and intends to fix it.

''You are the government and could have fixed it - you did nothing until you caught hell!''
(gee leftdog, is 8 days not quick enough for you?)

Cons knew, and wanted to change it. What better way to do it than have a soldier in his sick bed being told 'by the way, your pay is now cut', and then immediately advise MSM.
And on cue, Dippers and Libs scream, Cons let it be know it was a Liberal policy, and then change it!! Perfect.

PMSH is using the media (and opposition attacks) to get what he wants, respect for the military.

Did the Bloc fall for this trick too?

Lame. Very lame.

I agree with Tan.

Just because it doesn't jive with your animosity for Harper and the Conservatives, doesn't mean that it wasn't a bureacratic decision/previous policy that was rightfully rectified by the government.

What exactly would the government have to do to earn your praise? And what would the NDP have to do to raise your ire?

I have a feeling that you would have spun this a lot differently if (God forbid) Layton was prime minister.

NOTE: The cast and crew of Buckdog (that would be me) is signing off for now to drive to Regina for THE ROLLING STONES CONCERT TONIGHT!!

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Play nice!

God dammit dog, why bash the Tories for a policy that they did not create or implement. Leave harper out of it, its a military decision, and you know it.

Your cred has dropped to zero with this emotional, useless, and totally incorrect rant.

I think I hit one of your right wing nerves Tan, didn't I? Just a tad sensitive on this issue, aren't we? I stand by what I said.

Your guy harper was the one who put BILLIONS into the military in the spring budget. Your guy Harper is the one who insists that General Hillier do all the front stuff with the media on Afghanistan. If this was a big deal to Tories, they would have fixed it.

So you can get ticked off at a little old lefty prairie blogger but that says more about you then it says about me.

Deal with it righty!

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