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Monday, October 30, 2006 

The Extreme Right Wing Mindset of Ezra Levant

When Western Standard Editor, Ezra Levant articulates his typical right wing nonsense, I rarely bat an eye. Having followed his career for the last few years, I can honestly say that it usually takes something major from Ezra for me to be surprised.

Well, he has reached a new highwater mark of NONSENSE with an article in this weeks Calgary Sun.

"The Taliban doesn't have a media relations bureau these days. It doesn't need one, it has the CBC.

It doesn't need a spokesman, it has Jack Layton, making the case for a humiliating evacuation of our troops.

This is sheer nonsense! To accuse the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation of being a media relations bureau for the Taliban is not only idiotic, it borders on emotional disorder. And even though Jack Layton has consistently articulated that we need to investigate talks towards a ceasefire, Ezra has now morphed that into a 'humiliating evacuation of our troops.'

How does someone end up so completely out in right field?

Calgary Sun

How does someone end up so completely out in right field?

By confusing "right wing politics" with being logically correct.


I'm gonna have to agree, that comment was ridiculous. And may I say, you always find the best pictures to augment the point you're trying to make. That one of Ezra make him look extremely evil and cold-hearted. Well done.

Appreciated. Blogging is new media and we are all still making it up as we go along.

This is part of the right wing playbook - at least it was in the US. Everyone knows that Ezra will never be electable as the Prime Minister. Everyone knows that he's a blowhard extremist. BUT, he's a useful blowhard extremist for the Tories in that he can move the goalposts of political debate.

In other words, by making the comments that he makes, Ezra makes Harper et al sound eminently reasonable. By pushing discourse further right, he makes Harper seem mainstream.

Color me impressed. He sounds like an American, are you sure he's Canadian??

He stole that line right out of our right-wing pundits' mouths.

Thanks for pointing this piece of madman ravings out to me. I fired off a letter to the editor, just because I was encouraged to do so at our Peace Conference on the weekend.

'humiliating evacuation of our troops."
So Ezra Levant thinks that continual deaths of Canadian soldiers is better for his chicken hawk pride? The reality is this is about Levant's ego superinflated to the nation.

AND Ezra is obviously quite proud of himself because he gives himself an extra little pat on the back at his blogsite:

"Monday, October 30, 2006
Terrorist media relations

Why is the Western media more critical and skeptical of our own democratic governments than they are of terrorist groups? I ask that and other questions in my Sun column today. What do you think?

Posted by Ezra Levant on October 30, 2006 | Permalink

Shotgun blog

Don't mistake this nasty zionist pisher for a journalist. Levant makes a living out of libeling those who criticize Israel or show sympathy for Arabs.

Levant's effluvium is devoid of any semblance of honest argument, and should be treated like somthing you scape off the bottom of your shoes.

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