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Sunday, October 08, 2006 

Kim Jong Il's 9th Anniversary To Be Celebrated With Nuclear Blast ?

There has been speculation that North Korea might carry out its first nuclear test this weekend to mark the 9th anniversary of Kim Jong-il's rise to become the head of the North Korean Workers' Party and head of state.

Turkish Press

Now THAT'S what I call a party!


I told you so..

China Daily News

You told us what? That North Korea's a big threat to all of us?

I actually expected them to test this thing (if that's indeed what's really happened), if they indeed had such technology. They tested a medium-range missile that flew over Japan in the late 1990s, then tested a (failed) long-range missile earlier in the summer. Testing Mr. Nuke was the logical next step.

Let's not get carried away. India and Pakistan joined the nuclear fairly recently, and were punished for this by... oh, that's right, they weren't! Pakistan, with all of its Al Qaeda, has nukes... and the US doesn't generally seem to mind - as long as they government occasionally goes after Al Qaeda members in nicly co-ordinated PR stunts.

North Korea has nukes for its self protection, not to use them aggressively against other countries.

Nukes have a big and scary connotation, but let's look at things logically. Only two nukes have ever been used in the history of war - and those were used by the US, not by any "extremeist state". Countries want nukes simply to join the "nuclear club" - simply so they feel protected from attack by other countries.

Kim Jong-il knows that if he so much as touches another country aggressively, with nukes or not, his regime is in trouble. Having nukes will make the US a bit more careful about engaging in pro-active "regime change" in North Korea - and that is precisely why North Korea has invested time and money to get these nukes built.

I'll stick by my comment in the earlier post - Greenland is a bigger threat to Canada than North Korea. It's all chest thumping. Let's go back to sleep. ;)

No Devon, when I said "I told you so", I told you that they would likely do a test on the 9th anniversary AND I WAS CORRECT!!!!!

I get you point about how undangerous you think they are - what I predicted in my post earlier today, happened.

Ah, I see. Well done.

Any chance you know next week's winning lottery number as well? ;)

Go for it

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