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Saturday, October 07, 2006 

Shots Fired Across North and South Korean Border

Warning shots were fired across the border that separates North and South Korea earlier today. Five North Korean soldiers crossed into the DMZ (demilitarized zone) for unknown reasons and South Korean troops shot off about 40 rounds.

This is a very disturbing incident considering the high tension level that exists between the two nations. Making the situation even more tense is the possibility of a nuclear test by North Korea looming in the near future.

North Korea is a renegade nation and is very unpredictable in terms of its affairs.
The North Koreans claim that they fear for their existence because of previous threats by President George Bush when he included the North in his famous 'axis of evil' speech. Since that time, the North Koreans stepped up both their nuclear development and the further development of missile technology.

Tensions are very high along the border today.

Ottawa Citizen

Do we know if the shots were fired by robots???

(They weren't, of course, as I don't believe the robots have been depolyed yet. Nonetheless I fear the armed robots. I mean, seriously, has no one seen Terminator?!?!)

I think that North Korea is simply trying to provoke the South. But since it was only 5 soldiers who went into the DMZ you wonder what the hell they are thinking.

I worry about potential events in that region.

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Thanks Devon. Can you comment further on how Bush's 'axis of evil' designation has either changed or not changed how the N. Koreans do business? Clearly, I operate off impressions on the North like a lot of people do. I have assumed that Bush's comments put that nation into panic mode (?) Any further insights are welcome.

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Devon, again thank you. Especially for taking the time to answer questions. You are always welcome at this site!

Devon, since today is the 9th anniversary of Kim Jong Il's rise to power - North American media is speculating that this could be 'nuclear test' weekend (IF the North actually does have something).

I have done another post to show the current media 'spin'

Kim Jong Il's 9th

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