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Wednesday, November 22, 2006 

Harper Throws Wrench In Liberal Works

I am not a Liberal Party supporter. I have no real preference which of the many candidates ends up leading the Libs. I am a Dipper and PROUD of it!

Tonight is a lot of fun for me and my political addiction. I am watching my Liberal friends and fellow bloggers running around in utter chaos over Harper's strategic move in the House today. By granting recognition to the Quebecois as a nation (using a sociology definition NOT a political science definition) he has thrown a curve into the upcoming Lib leadership convention.

A number of Liberal camps have no clue how to react and respond. Here's an example

This is great fun!

See Liberals.
See Liberals run.
See Liberals run around.
See Liberals run around unsure what the hell to do now.

Harper is having a good night - at Liberal expense.
Calgary Sun

Huh? Harper just threw the Liberals a massive lifeline. The Quebec resolution was poised to dominate the convention, now Harper has provided an easy out. Did you catch Ignatieff BEAMING in the halls of the House after Harper's statement. To be blunt, it would appear Layton is the only one coming out of this looking confused. Voting for the Bloc and Conservative statements, despite the complete opposite meanings?? Absurdity.

"Did you catch Ignatieff BEAMING"
Sure did! A whole lot of other Libs however, are not BEAMING - hence Harper's bit of fun.

How about Dion, or Graham? Who were all those opposition MP's applauding today? Sure you can find some dissenters, but if people think clearly they will see the present Harper has given the Liberals.

I think they had no choice but to stand and applaud it today - they were really caught off guard.

In so many ways, Harper pulled a major strategic play with this. He countered the Bloc and their vote that was coming tomorrow which would have recognized Quebec as a nation 'outside' of Canada - Harper's motion recognizes Quebec as a nation 'inside' of Canada. So the Bloc has been countered, Iganatieff is vindicated, Rae is uncertain, Dion went with it on the spot but his support is strained somewhat.

This allows Harper to start rebounding in Quebec after Afghanistan and Lebanon.

It sort of pushes the NDP off to the fringe a tad ... so on MANY levels, Harper had a good day, and the dust is yet to settle.

I'm not so sure it buys Harper all that much, other than some "cheap political points" in the House.

Outside of the House of Commons, few people will appreciate the tactics it demonstrates.

Where Quebec is concerned, Harper has never had more than "toehold" support, and I doubt that most Quebecers will be overly impressed by a motion without some "policy meat" behind it.

Quebec nationalists will not flock to Harper as a result of this, and I don't think that Harper has the trust of Quebecers on societal issues.

This is Day 2.

Wait a week so that the news percolates through the people, and then see the reaction to Harper's rash move.

One thing is certain about what happened yesterday: Canada lost.

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