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Friday, November 10, 2006 

Hatred of Gays Unites Jews - Muslims - Christians

JERUSALEM — Jerusalem's lesbian and gay community has unintentionally succeeded in doing something that has eluded the world's greatest thinkers: Unite the three major monotheistic religions.

Orthodox Jews, conservative Muslims and prominent Christian leaders are united in their opposition to a gay-pride march in Jerusalem, a city that's holy to all three religions.

The pope called for today's march to be canceled. Muslim leaders criticized it as a disgrace. Orthodox Jews organized weeks of violent demonstrations.

Jerusalem police warned that violent opposition could lead to tragedy and urged Israeli leaders to call it off. As a result, organizers have canceled the Gay Pride March in Jerusalem.

I think there is something very twisted and very sick at the core of religious belief systems that can only find unity in shared hatred.

Seattle Times

Worse still, they succeeded in their strategy---and they'll repeat it, should gays ever announce their intentions to walk down a street in groups again.

It's really too bad leftwingers can't make the distinction between hating the person and hating behaviour. That would really put a dent in their pro-homosexual propaganda, now wouldn't it?

Guess what - your 'god' actually allows some people to be born gay. It is your mindless adherence to a sentence in the ancient Hebrew holy book that is WRONG.

(Go pray for me or whatever it is that you do for reality escape).

Oppression wins another one for the bad guys. :(

I am really saddened that the parade needed to be cancelled. I hope, in so doing, the organizers can keep the debate alive.

It bears repeating, though perhaps I doth protest too much, that there are Christians, Jews and Muslims who believe more in the revolutionary teachings of Jesus (or their respective teachers) against the powers that be than in the law-bound folks who agitate, day in and day out, as they insist on - in the case of fundamentalist Christians - proselytizing (ironically making community-building with them - check out the avatar - seem so unattractive).

--Kenn, gay & Christian (yet always with an asterisk to distinguish myself from fundamentalists of any and all religion)

perhaps I shouldn't be so hard on suzanne and others who share her misguided religious nonsense.

Religious fundamentalists (jewish-muslim-christian) were probably raised with it since childhood and don't have the strength or intellect to sit and acutally examine all of the theological lies they have been taught.


It is time that 'reality based truth' starts shouting down mindless 'faith based truth'.

-Adam and Eve is NOT history!
-Noah's Ark IS NOT history!
-Salvation IS NOT dependent on some jewish rabii from 2000 years ago.
-The earth IS NOT 6000 years old
-Many gays ARE BORN GAY!

Evangelical fundamentalist religions ARE WRONG!

PS - Kenn, you are always welcome here.

I am NOT tolerant of the religious HATERS who only know how to spread untruths, deceit and intolerance.

When two 'christians' beat Mathew Shepard almost to death, then tied his body to a fence to DIE, they did so because the chrisitan religion teaches hatred towards people who are BORN gay.
Here is the fence that they tied his body to so that he could die according to their demented fundamentalist christian beliefs

Amen - speak truth to power! The reason I spell my name Kenn is because, way back in the 80s of my young adulthood, a gay guy named Kenn was beaten and bludgeoned to death here in Toronto by twisted gay-bashers.

Only a man and a woman together may procreate.(child birth)Who's plan is this? Think about it. I don't believe in the hate they have for you or the hate you have for them. But think about this. God's gift to man and woman is child birth!!!!!!!!! The blessings of Abraham were children, as many as the sands in number. No two men or two woman will have children. Because God does not bless same sex relations. It is a lie and you have been blinded. May your eyes be opened today and may you stop hating those who try to help you see. I strongly disagree with hate crimes of every nature so don't label me as one of them but I pray that you can see the light of the truth. Thanks Jeff

JEF! You speak UTTER NONSENSE! You are masking your beliefs when you said, "Because God does not bless same sex relations." Your scriptures dictate that persons who are homosexual must be PUT TO DEATH!
That is nonsense!

You are committing the same sin as the former angel Lucifer ... you believe that you know the mind of God! You do not!

The ancient Hebrew scriptures are WRONG! Accept it!

The universe and our world is Billions of years old even though the early Hebrews could not and did not understand that when the Old Testament was written.

Living your life believing that your 'bible' is the exact word of God is ludicrous!

Your beliefs are FALSE!

To take your beliefs to their logical conclusion, you desire DEATH for all gay persons.

SHame on you for believing that you 'KNOW' the mind of God! You are repeating the error of Lucifer!

The reciprocal relationship between displayed hatred and the hate reaction just serves to keep the wheel turning. We have to lessen our anger at those who judge in the name of God and those that judge those that judge. Don't you see it just elevates and heightens the negative energy. Yes, killing anyone based on religion, colour, sex or sexual preference is simply barbaric. However, hating those that do doesn't solve the problem. Support all you can and keep your emotions at bay...they feed on hatred and just get stronger.

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