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Thursday, November 09, 2006 

What Right Wingers Are Saying About the Election

Every once in a while, I grit my teeth, settle my stomach, grimace up my brow and take a look at what the right-wing bloggers are saying over at smalldeadanimals.

After a few seconds, it becomes evident that the right-wing part of the blogosphere is NOT very happy!

So here is a sampling of their read on the American mid term elections:

"The Democrats stole this one. Let's wait to see all the demands for vote recounts this time around."

"The Republicans probably did throw this election."

"Ah, but the forces that control the Bush Aministration still won this election...:-) I admit, I thought the GOP would've done better."

"It's just not possible that this election wasn't tampered with - I mean, there were all kinds of news reports about funny stuff even before the ballots were cast! They just couldn't be wrong, could they?"

"As long as he still has the veto power, he's fine."

"If I remember my politics courses, isn't it true that the President can still veto Congress and it takes 2/3 of the vote to overturn his veto. Not sure what issues affected by this."

"..but now the real fun begins . . the dumbocrats have to DO something instead of just finger point & whine."

"Kate, The answer is YES they threw this one."

"Who are the Liberals and NDP going to accuse Harper of caving in to now, a Lame Duck or a Democratic Congress and Senate majority?"

"The media has short memories. Either that, or they weren't around to remember their own vitriol and scorn for Ronald Reagan. Because, when I listen to them talk about Bush, it's like deja vu all over again...."

"Go [to Hell] Democrats!"

"The Democrats now have enough rope and a couple of years to hang themselves."

"I think Republicans lost this election because they had a majority and blew it."

"I sadly fear that the United States may slowly be turning inward,"

I was surprised to see how many at SDA were happy to see Rummy go.

Olaf - I know that you have your tongue firmly in your cheek for that one. I know you well enough in the blogosphere to understand that you hang 'right' but I also know that you are progressive enought to NOT believe that nonsense.

What's the difference between a pagan and a Canadian anyway?


Still, good quote no? And Saskboy, very good question.

sad thing is there are people who believe that.

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