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Wednesday, December 20, 2006 

The Blog Mob: "Written by fools to be read by imbeciles."

The Wall Street Journal editorialists have decided to weigh in on the relevance of blogs - bloggers - blogospheric conditions. A little good - a little bad. You decide.


"Blogs are very important these days. Even Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has one. The invention of the Web log, we are told, is as transformative as Gutenberg's press, and has shoved journalism into a reformation, perhaps a revolution.

The ascendancy of Internet technology did bring with it innovations. Information is more conveniently disseminated, and there's more of it, because anybody can chip in. There's more "choice"--and in a sense, more democracy. Folks on the WWW, conservatives especially, boast about how the alternative media corrodes the "MSM," for mainstream media, a term redolent with unfairness and elitism.

The blogs are not as significant as their self-endeared curators would like to think. Journalism requires journalists, who are at least fitfully confronting the digital age. The bloggers, for their part, produce minimal reportage. Instead, they ride along with the MSM like remora fish on the bellies of sharks, picking at the scraps."

Wall Street Journal

I'm like remora fish on the bellies of sharks? Harumph! I've always likened myself to a catfish, swimming around a giant turtle. And journalists, with few exceptions, to piranhas around fresh meat!

I'm a coyote picking at scraps and I'll be around when they are dead white dust.

What a blowhard Rago is!

Lemme see. What shall I be today? Uselessly brief or uselessly logorrheic?

Whichever, I shall try to put some content in what I wtite, which seems to be beyond the skills of the defensive Mr Rago. "Irony present only in its conspicuous absence"? Not a bad description, Mr Rago -- if you happened to be looking in a mirror as you wrote that.

Bloggers write when they are responding to an inspiration. Rago obviously is writing because of schedules and deadlines and can't remember his last inspiration. Neither do his readers.

This is getting old, the self-proclaimed guardians of Real News telling bloggers they aren't significant. If we aren't, why are you talking about us?


Hijacked this topic but linked you back. Don't kill me.

No problem mama - you are one of my favourite bloggers hence, you are entitled to certain 'liberties' around Buckdog!

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