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Sunday, December 17, 2006 

Ex-soldiers Break `Silence' On Israeli Excesses

The following are excerpts from an article by Haroon Siddiqui which appears in the December 17th edition of the Toronto Star.

"Yehuda Shaul was born in Jerusalem to an American mother and Canadian father (from Toronto). Shaul went to school in a West Bank settlement and served in the army from 2001 to 2004. He did a 14-month stint in Hebron, guarding about 650 settlers living among approximately 150,000 Palestinians."

"He is one of the founders of Break the Silence, a group of ex-soldiers speaking out about what they saw and did during their tour of duty in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip."
"Other soldiers who had served in the West Bank and Gaza came forward. More photos were gathered, as well as about 400 audio and video testimonies.

In them, soldiers talk about the total power of the occupiers over the occupied — throwing Palestinians out of their homes; making them stand for hours for disobeying the curfew or trying to bypass a checkpoint or even smiling or arguing at the wrong time, Shaul said."
"It struck him, he said, that he had become "a monster," doing things that were not right. "It was a frightening moment."
"He spoke to fellow soldiers. "They were feeling the same: `Something's rotten here.' Israelis don't know what goes on here, and we must tell them.'"

Toronto Star (copyright 2006)

I'm glad that you are blogging about Avichai and his friends. When trying to know more, many links simply do not work. Such is the plight of the Israeli critics. Many links are simply dead.

Anyway, I blogged about them here and here as well. Last time I checked, all links were still working.

Thanks again for your interest in this very sad subject!

You can listen to a very interesting piece on Non-Violent resistence among Israeli youth, which includes in interview with Yehuda Shaul at CitizenShift

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