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Wednesday, December 13, 2006 

International Business Community Backs the Canadian Wheat Board - Shocked at Harper's Plans

The Canadian Wheat Board and its President, Adrian Measner, are receiving support from the business community around the world in the midst of the Conservative governments plan to end the single desk selling aspect of the CWB. Businesses from China, Mexico, the UK, Singapore and Switzerland have all voiced their shock at the Harper government’s plans.

We cannot believe Ottawa is putting all of this (the CWB) at risk.”

“We would hate to see you adopting the U.S. model where we have to deal with the large trading houses that always try to take advantage of both farmers and clients like us and very seldom, if ever, deliver what they promise.”

Roberto Servitje
President, Grupo Altex

“With our concern over the position of Adrian (Measner) and the Board in general, we feel that we would be ultimately forced to look elsewhere in the world in order to confidently ensure a continued supply of high-quality wheat.”
Brett Warburton
United Kingdom

“We find the timing and reasons for Mr. Measner’s potential dismissal to be very concerning. With the current state of uncertainty at the CWB, we feel it’s important not only for the Canadian farmer, but for the industry as a whole, that the CWB maintains as much continuity as possible, especially at the senior executive level.”
Canada Malting Company

Letters of concern from the international business commuity can be found here.

Rifts Deepen in Wheat Board Fight


I don't get you sometimes. If the US says they like the Conservative plan, it's because it will screw over our farmers and give American farmers a boost. But if international groups are against the Conservatives plan, they clearly have the interests of Canadian farmers at heart?

The current mandate works because it puts HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of extra dollars into farmers pockets.

You said, "I don't get you sometimes." - Ollie it is obvious that you don't get me - you need to set aside any 'free enterprise" - 'open market' thinking that you have for just a few minutes.

The Big US companies are NOT worried about giving a boost to American farmers ... what they want is those HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in profits that the CWB makes and then gives BACK to the Canadian farmers. They want that action for their own profit margin!! This is not rocket science.

Harper is doing this based on some right wing, Alberta based, Reform logic that tells him - the open market is ALWAYS better. No matter what facts are put in front of him which dissolves his rationale, he doesn't care - that is why we have labelled these changes as 'ideologically driven' - they are not based on fact of the true business case, they are based on a belief that Harper and the tories have on how they think it 'should' be.

The conservatives are LOSING this fight. That does not mean that they still won't do a unilateral, dictatorial change to the CWB mandate anyway.

The fight continues.

Well Olaf, I'm American and I don't really care what either our administration or the international groups think one way or the other.

Putting myself into "Canadian shoes" so to speak and reading up on the issue...I fail to see how destroying your Wheat Board could possibly benefit Canadians. If I could I'd say so, I don't have a "let's destroy Canada" agenda.

Quite the contrary in fact since these days I've shifted more and more of my investments into Canadian companies, I even pay Canadian taxes. Wouldn't make much sense to be working towards Canada's downfall with my own money invested now would it?

I honestly find it shocking you'd even consider this, which seems much like cutting your own throats.

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