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Monday, January 22, 2007 

Canada's Lost Year - 'How the Harper Government Has Disappointed Me'

The one year anniversary of the election of Harper's government (in my opinion, one of the worst governments in Canadian history) - occurred on January 23, 2006.

On the eve of that black day, I want to challenge all of my blogging colleagues (Lib - Dipper - Green - Unaffiliated) to tell us how the year has gone from your progressive point of view.

On January 23rd, 2007, we can expect the blogging tories to be singing Harper's praises - rather then let them have the only voice on the topic,let's beat them to the punch!

I think the term "in the hole" best describes this first year. Cancellation of various programs for ideological reasons means that Canada's Crappy New Government is in the hole on various measures, be it creation of childcare spaces, reducing emissions, promoting adult literacy etc.

Before claiming credit for any advances made on any of those issues, the Cons must first get back to the level that Canada was at before program cuts.

Let's see:

1) Lying through their teeth when they campaigned on their "honesty".

2) Committing Canada to an extended engagement in Afghanistan that we cannot afford.

3) Handing $500 Million to the White House to solve a trade dispute we were already winning in the US courts.

4) Non-programs that fritter away taxpayer dollars.

5) Blatant micromanagement from the PMO that makes Chretien look positively enabling.

6) A legislative program that violates the Constitution at nearly every turn.

7) Peter Mackay and C. Rice. 'nuff said.


1) Watching Jason Kenney look progressively greasier every time I see him.

2) Hearing Stockwell Day prove that he's an even bigger idiot than I thought he was.

3) Seeing Stephen Harper look worse and worse in his clothes as he becomes more rotund from eating too much rubber chicken.

4) Rona Ambrose imploding as the public figures out that the CPoC is not serious about the environment but the public is.

This "Harper Revolution" is oddly timed and doomed to fail because the unrestrained period of greed seems to be losing it's luster lately. It was supposed to have been the New World Order, created by the neocons South of the border. Little by little the ideological brothers have been exposed to be what they really are; hypocritical ideologs with uncanny ability to mess everything except perhaps their personal wealth on the backs of everybody else. Borrowing (sort of) that Canadian intellectual Don Cherry; It aint rocket surgery and people are able to see through this malarky.

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