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Tuesday, January 23, 2007 

Canada's 'New' Government - Not So New Anymore

Dear Director of Tory Communications:
Enough with the 'Canada's New Government' intro to every single stinking news release that you guys put out.

Yeah yeah yeah, you squeaked through the smallest of minority government wins EXACTLY one year ago today. And yes you decided that from a communications stand point you had to ensure that Canadians were aware that there had been a change of tenant at 24 Sussex Drive.

That being so, you have prefaced every communications piece and every speech by Stephen Harper with "Canada's new government blah blah blah blah blah."

It is tiresome. It is old. Enough is enough.

Stop it. If you don't, we are going to mock you every time you use that phrase.


Progressive Bloggers

How do you undertake a vote of no confidence to oust him there?

To oust Bush before his term expires here, the House would have to vote to impeach him. Then the Senate would try him with a 2/3 majority needed to convict.

It is MUCH easier to do in Canada. If the Prime Minister and his Caucus lose a vote of confidence or a budgetary vote in the Parliament... the government is defeated and an election called. Right now Canada has a minority parliament with 4 political parties holding seats in Parliament. None of the 4 parties has a clear majority so the government (and Prime Minister Harper) have to ensure that they can get some Members of Parliament fom other parties to vote on every one of their motions.

He could fall at any time. Then we would have to have another election.

Best guess is that his goverment will fall in Paliament after they try to bring their budget in during the month of March.

I wish it were so easy here! Then again, considering how fractious we are it's possible no one would stay in office more than a few months here.

On a happier note, my dearest better half has officially stated: if Brownback (right-wing, fundie-type) wins the '08 election we ARE selling everything and moving to Canada. Period.

mama I can tell you one thing that's for sure - if you and your better half moved to Canada, Canada would be the better for it!!! I am so glag you are back!!!!

NotMama raised a good point. Under the parliamentary system, Clinton would not have survived. But when we get a Bush, I do wish it was easier.

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