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Saturday, February 24, 2007 

'The Ad Hoc Committee for Lord Conrad Black' NEEDS Your Help

There are a lot of very worth while support groups in the nation of Canada. This is not one of them. Never the less, a group of misguided individuals has established the 'The Ad Hoc Committee for Conrad Black'.

Black's supporters seem to believe that it is perfectly alright to strip millions and millions of dollars from publically traded companies for your own personal use, because, well, if you are rich, you should be able to do whatever the hell you want and the law be damned!

"I wish there were more people like Conrad Black."
Baroness Thatcher

"He was the best friend that thousands of British, American and Canadian journalists ever had. And for this they have now turned on him. A biting of the hand that fed them, like some petulant and spoiled child laughing as a parent slips on the ice and is obviously hurt."
Michael Coren, Toronto Sun

This group of 'Conrad Black' activists have come up with a threefold plan that will allow you to assist His Lordship:

-"First, you can, using the electronic mail attachment above, post your words of encouragement on our Web site."

-Second, you can join a significant number of us in our On-to-Chicago Caravan, departing Toronto by chartered aircraft on March 13, 2007 (details TBA), and arriving in Chicago in time for Lord Black's show trial, which begins on March 14."

-Third, you can make a purely symbolic financial pledge to the Lord Black Defence Fund. How much would you be willing to contribute to help fight what is already a profoundly disturbing miscarriage of justice, in the highly unlikely event its primary victim should some day need and accept financial assistance?"

-Please help Conrad Black!

-Previous Buckdog Articles on His Lordship, Conrad Black


Can we form a Bad Schlock Committee for Lord Conrad Black in response? Seriously, the "On-to-Chicago Caravan" sounds like the usurpation of the name of the On-to-Ottawa trek, a key moment in Canadian social history (it's why we can't put the poor in forced-labour camps run by the army).

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